Event | Lush Holiday 2014 and Pacific Centre Opening

Every retailer “does” Christmas, but there is always something about Lush that signals the holidays have arrived. I feel like this goes beyond being a beauty blogger. Some fads are just in my head, but I feel like everyone loves Christmas at Lush and cannot wait for annual favourites like Snow Fairy and Hot Toddy to grace the shelves once more.  A few weeks ago, Lush held their holiday festivities at the newly-opened Pacific Centre location. Things were in full swing by the time I arrived!

Lush Holiday Event Vancouver (10)

Lush Holiday Event Vancouver (8)

Lush Holiday Event Vancouver (11)

Lush Holiday Event Vancouver (9)

Lush really does it best with their brightly-coloured wrapping! Who wouldn't love these gifts?!

Lush Holiday Event Vancouver (4)

Lush Holiday Event Vancouver (5)

There were shenanigans going on including: giant bubble blowing and of course bath bomb demonstrations!

Lush Holiday Event Vancouver (6)

Lush Holiday Event Vancouver (7)


This is the COOLEST bath bomb I have ever seen! This is the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb ($6.95 CDN) and not only is it in the shape of a present, but there is layer upon layer of surprise as it unfurls in the water. See, that gold shimmer around the rim? Zoom in. They are STARS. Once everything has dissolved, run your hands through the water and you will be left with what the Lush staff termed "mermaid water".

Lush Men (2)

Lush Men

There were also some new men's products released in honour Movember like the Veerappan Moustache Wax ($17.95 CDN) and the Kalamazoo Cleanser ($11.95 - $22.95 CDN) for any bearded or moustached loved ones.

Then came the fun part and possibly the most interactive event I have been to. Lush held a contest for the most awesome snowman made from Snowman FUN ($6.95 CDN). For those of you unfamiliar with Lush's FUN line, think play dough that doubles as soap. I did not think we would all take the contest so seriously, but I do not remember the 45 minutes I spent crafting my snowman.

Lush Holiday Event Vancouver (3)

Look at how much fun Jordana and Sheila are having! There was a lot of laughter and we weren't even drinking.

Lush Holiday Event Vancouver

Our little snow family with creations by (L-R): myself, Sheila, Jordana, Angela and Whitney!

Lush Holiday Event Vancouver (2)

My snowman is directing traffic hence the orange traffic cones.

Lush always makes me remember the 5-year-old in me and for that I am always grateful. Thank you for a great night and showing all of us that when it comes to Christmas bath time fun, Lush pretty much reigns supreme. I had so much FUN (pun intended)!

Who has already brought out Snow Fairy to use in the shower? I started using mine yesterday!

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