DEMETER HOLIDAY COLLECTION| Scent Memory with Candy Cane Truffle Cologne Spray

Demeter Candy Cane Truffle

I haven’t talked about Demeter fragrances in awhile (review) mainly because I bought so much the first time I purchased that I am, unsurprisingly, STILL working through them all!

Demeter has an uncanny ability to capture so much more than scent. Fragrance is all about capturing an emotion, feeling or memory. This month, as our featured brand, the CBB and a few other bloggers from the network aren’t just reviewing Demeter holiday fragrances. We’re sharing a scent memory: partly beauty and partly personal so you can get to know us a little better and truly understand what each fragrance embodies.

The scent of Candy Cane Truffle* is peppermint at first and then chocolate at the end. I don’t know how Demeter was able to do it, but I guess that’s why I am reviewing instead of creating! I was scared that I would smell like toothpaste or a mint, but the “truffle” part truly makes this a wearable scent.

I grew up in a Christian household so Christmas was always celebrated, but being overseas Chinese meant that we had our own take on Christmas traditions. For instance, I’ve always known that there was no Santa so I always knew to go straight to the source (my parents) to let them know what I wanted for Christmas!

Candy Cane Truffle doesn’t take me back to my childhood though. It takes me back to 10 years ago when I was a university student because the presence of candy canes meant the end of December exams! When it came to decorating the tree, it was never done until my exams were over because it was a “job” that I hoarded all to myself! Once my last exam was written, I would go out, purchase a box of fresh candy canes from London Drugs and spend the day decorating the tree in my PJs. Smelling Candy Cane Truffle takes me back to this stress-free period of my life where exams were really the only thing to worry about, my family was still intact and life felt lighter. I’m not saying life isn’t great now, but there were definitely fewer things to worry about then. To this day, I love peppermint-scented ANYTHING because of the comfort of this particular memory.

What is your scent memory?

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