DEMETER HOLIDAY COLLECTION | Log Cabin, Fireplace and Christmas Tree (So Realistic, Who Needs the Real Thing?!)

Talk about the perfect time to share some more of Demeter Fragrance Library’s holiday scents! This year’s Holiday Collector’s Edition* ($45.00 USD) centers around the perfect Holiday weekend: a Log Cabin with a Fireplace while gazing at twinkling Christmas Tree.

Demeter Holiday 2014 Collector Edition

Demeter Holiday 2014 Collector Edition (2)

Demeter Log Cabin

It has been a long time since I’ve been in a cottage, so I didn’t know what to expect of Log Cabin which is a blend of three actual types of tree: Texas Cedar, Virginia Cedar and Oak Moss. The scent is smoky and yet sweet from the cedar. Smelling this took me back to Grade 11 when me and group of friends went over to Vancouver Island and spent the weekend at my friend’s cabin where we watched Titanic in sleeping bags. I can still hear Kate telling Leo that she’ll “never let go”.

Demeter Fireplace

I actually have a real fireplace in my apartment that I love using this time of the year. Fireplace is smoky, ashy with a little bit of pine just like a wood-burning fireplace. It’s just uncanny how bang-on the scent is. Since the logs we burn aren’t quite as fragrant, I actually sprayed the fireplace with Fireplace! It was just PERFECT. I have a feeling that this scent is just the beginning of a new scent memory for me.

Demeter Christmas Tree

THIS scent came in extremely handy seeing as how our tree is an artificial one. Growing up, we always got a real tree and now that I live in an apartment real trees are just too messy so we settled on the bushiest, artificial tree we could find at Canadian Tire. Christmas Tree is a combination of orange, ginger and mint which truly equals the scent of a genuine Christmas tree! I spray this on the tree every day because I cannot get enough of it! It is incredible how having that scent completes the sensorial Christmas experience.

I hope everyone today experienced MANY MANY scent memories filled with good times and great company!

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