Holiday Gifts for Mom from Calgon and Yardley London

I constantly get my mom bath products for any occasion. She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, wears minimal jewellery (other than wedding rings) and is fairly LESS beauty product crazy than her daughter. Bath products can be slightly frivolous, but are always items people can use which is probably why I keep buying them for her. I know I can’t go wrong!

I have always found it incredibly convenient to have hand lotion right next to hand soap because I never remember to moisturize my hands again after washing them. I go pee like every hour at home so I rarely remember to do it and just go about my day with dry hands (sorry, was that TMI?). I have reviewed the Calgon Hawaiian Ginger scent before (review) and I have to say that I prefer it MUCH more in the Calgon Hand Duo*.

Calgon Hawaiian Ginger Hand Soap and Lotion Duo (2)

Calgon Hawaiian Ginger Hand Soap and Lotion Duo

This hand soap and lotion duo come pre-packaged in a metal holder meaning it’s practically gift ready. The hand soap comes out more like jelly, so not the smoothest, but the hand lotion smells very refreshing. The ginger really comes out with much more of a bite than with the body spray.

Yardley English Rose Perfumed Talc

One thing I always grew up knowing was that my mom LOVED the smell of roses so for YEARS I would just load her up with rose-scented items! I have since slowed down since she doesn’t work for empties like I do, but one thing she always uses up is rose-scented talc powder. Personally, I don’t use body powder often (except on my cat’s tail for his oily spots), but this Yardley London English Rose Perfumed Talc* is something that my mom would LOVE. The rose scent is subtle and leaves the skin softly fragranced.

Yardley English Rose Luxury Soap

Yardley English Rose Luxury Soap (2)

At first I thought the box contained one VERY large bar of soap. Like those giant pink joke erasers from elementary school! Inside was actually three bars of English Rose Soap* that smelled like…you guessed it…ROSES! I found the scent a bit strong, but because it doesn’t linger on the body I can live with it. Also, I love having pink bars of soap in the shower and knowing that my husband is using them as well. I find that image amusing.

What are you getting your mom for Christmas?

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