NAILS | "Walkin' Into Spiderwebs" #CBBxManiMonday

It's crazy that we are now on the last Halloween ManiMonday of the month and though I would like to do one more set of Halloween themed nails on the 31st, I really don't know if I will have the energy to do something incredibly creative, but for today's manicure, I have mixed feelings mainly because it didn't go according to plan and I did not have time to redo them since I am one of those people who prefers to paint at 10pm the day before she has to get up early for work. On top of that, I am still sheet masking every night which NORMALLY I wouldn't do because it's just too many things to do in the 4 hours I have free every work night. When it comes to saving on time while providing amazing results, nail vinyls are my go-to option and I have been dying to try these spiderweb vinyls from Whats Up Nails since last year!

Spiderweb Halloween Nail Art

Some PR samples featured

My brain feels like mush right now so I'm going to keep this post short and sweet so I don't make more typos than I already am, but I started off with three coats of the Limited Edition GOSH Holographic Hero (my quick dry top coat took away a lot of the holoness) and then placed the spiderweb nail vinyls on top of what I was hoping to be a completely dry nail after 25 minutes, but I was wrong :-(

I applied a single thick coat of Duri Black Caviar* which is one of my favourite opaque blacks and then peeled off the vinyls. I also had a spider vinyl for my pinky nail so I applied black polish over that vinyl as well. While the spider turned out reasonably clear, the webs were a bit of a mixed bag and though I tried to fix the areas where my base polish had lifted, there was really no salvaging a number of places so on the worst area, I stuck a silver spider on top. Yep, that's the secret to beautiful looking nail art - giant vinyls that act as Bandaids.  

Spiderweb Halloween Nail Art

I can't even believe Halloween and hence the END OF OCTOBER is just around the corner, but I will be doing some Fall-themed manicures for the month of November since I really didn't get a chance to do them being away for most of September.

For now, have a great day everyone and be sure to check out: Renee, Trysh and Eithne's blog and social media channels for their Halloween manicures!

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