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It's tiiiiiime for Lush Halloweeeeeeen! I got to this year's collection a little late as Inventory at work pushed my schedule for everything way back, but as always there are some old favourites (I'll link them here) and new goodies that have positively bewitched me!

PR samples

Starting with the Cloak of Invisibility Bath Oil*, this may look like a small unimportant minion among its behemoth bath bomb brothers, but this tiny thing can fill an entire bath and soften your skin with cocoa and shea butter like you would not believe! I just used this tonight and not only does the scent of jasmine and rosewood remind you of something uber luxurious, but the shimmer in the tub is so pretty!

I love a good citrus soap so this spooky Ghost in the Dark* Soap is just perfect for awakening the senses with lemongrass and bergamot oil while moisturizing with cocoa butter and extra virgin coconut oil. I have not used this baby yet, but oh my gosh does this smell so good! 

The Lush Shower Creams are always a fan favourite and every Halloween I cannot wait to see what "fluid colour" the shower cream will be and this year's Ectoplasm* is a neon yellow/green delight scented with grapefruit and tangerine and is shockingly fun to use for all ages! Hubby was squeezing this out onto a white bath puff the other morning and exclaimed "OH!" when he saw the colour!

Then there are of course, the BATH BOMBS! I picked up the Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb* last year and really enjoyed it because unlike a regular bath bomb, it leaves a jelly layer on the surface of your bathwater to add an odd, but fun consistency to your bath. It's weird, but VERY fun! Lord of Misrule* is a sensual scent of patchouli and black pepper oil that starts of green and then oozes out a red wine center! It's like a creepy version of Christmas. Finally, there is the Eyeball*! Now, what would you THINK this would smell like? I was not expecting lavender, rose and ylang ylang! It smells so relaxing that it seems a little psychotic killer-esque to be enjoying tub time with an eyeball floating around smelling the way it does!    

Have you picked up anything from Lush for Halloween yet or are you saving yourself for Christmas?! Happy Halloween everyone!

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