KBEAUTY | Kocostar Cucumber Sliced Mask #100DaysofSheetMasks

I am all for putting food on my face so when I spotted this cucumber mask by Kocostar at Anthropologie, the cuteness factor won me over and I had to have this plus the Tomato and Lemon masks (reviews to come) as mini masks are my new favourite thing! Kocostar is a Korean brand that is pretty hard to find in Canada with only just a few of their masks being available at various stores around the city. BeautyMark (so sad they are gone now) used to carry a good selection of Kocostar masks so I will have those coming to show you guys as well, but for today it'll just be cucumber slices! 

The Cucumber Sliced Mask is focused on delivering moisture and vitamin C to the skin using a set of 12 targeted printed mini masks that can be used anywhere on the skin. When I went to the Kocostar website for more information, all I saw was this exact description I have just said and a model with the slices ON HER ARMS. SO, you literally can use these anywhere, but if you are going to spend the money (I spent around $7) on a package of these, I would use them on your face or at least a part of the body that REALLY matters to you!

There are 12 cucumber slices that come out on a perforated cotton sheet. Compared to the MaskerAide Mini Masks, these did not tear off very easily and with some slices, I was yanking pretty hard. There also wasn't as much essence as the MaskerAide Mini Masks so I found myself really racing to get these on my face and to handle them as little as possible as I wanted the essence to soak into the skin on my face and not on my hands!

With respect to ingredients, I am glad the cucumber extract is found relatively early in the ingredients list in addition to sodium hyaluronate and aloe leaf extract, but I am pretty sure that most of the moisture that comes from using this mask is from glycerin.

As you can see, the slices are quite large and I feel like they are definitely intended for targeted skincare treatments ALL over the body, but because this was the first mini mask I had used, I tried my best to make them fit on my face. They look pretty ridiculous, but I owned the silliness when I was wearing this around the house!

The actual cotton of each slice was quite thin especially for a printed mask, but because there wasn't a lot of essence, certain slices would dry out faster than others. The ones on my nose and chin were falling off by the time 15 minutes rolled around, but the ones on my cheeks and forehead stayed on my face with ease. After 15 minutes were up, I removed each mask and massaged the remaining essence all over my face.

Mask Summary:

Scent: Cucumbers
Duration: 15-20 minutes
Thickness: Thin
Mask Fit: N/A because they are mini masks!
Tackiness: None
Hydration: My skin felt so soft and hydrated!

Final verdict: I had zero hope for this mask in terms of hydration. The mini masks were drying out so what hope would my skin have? Apparently, I should have had more hope because my skin felt soooo soft, smooth and hydrated! I was quite surprised! Would I purchase them again though? No. Mainly because I found them a bit too finicky to tear off and the essence was a bit lacking. Yes, the results were nice and cucumbers on my face was very entertaining, but there are other mini masks that can do the overall job better.

You can find Kocostar products at these retail locations.

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