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First there were insanely pigmented and gorgeous eyeshadows and now there are brand new liquid lipsticks from SUVA Beauty! There are times I wonder if I still even WANT to try yet another liquid lipstick, but I realize now that I am starting to wear more matte liquid lipsticks than before and can never resist trying different formulas! To me, the most important qualities of a good liquid lipstick are comfort, ease of application and longevity - all of which are promised by SUVA Beauty's new Moisture Matte Liquid Lipsticks

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Formulated for all-day wear with the comfort of a cream lipstick and the longevity of a liquid lipstick, these Moisture Mattes as I will now call them, come in six sweetly-scented bright neon shades and though the range is not extensive, all of the shades seemed to work for me depending on what makeup I was wearing!

The applicator is a standard doe-foot applicator and though the product description says that one stroke is all that is required, I had to dip the applicator back in to finish my top lip with the pigmentation I wanted. 

The formula itself was quite smooth as it as silicone-based, but in terms of longevity I was still experiencing slight colour transfer when drinking even hours after application. I never lost much pigmentation, but I think the fact that this was a more comfortable and hydrating matte formula attributed to the slight colour transfer.

"Awakening" actually photographed quite well, but was quite pale in real life. I am a bit torn about this shade because it worked well with a dramatic eye.

SUVA Beauty Moisture Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

"Dreamer" kind of clashed with my red shirt, but was a really nice coral/peach shade that felt like my Barbie shade.

SUVA Beauty Moisture Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

"Abstract Thoughts" made my teeth appear more yellow than they are though I could use a good teeth whitening session soon, but there is definitely something about these neon shades that really amplifies ANY yellow you might have in your teeth!

SUVA Beauty Moisture Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review
Abstract Thoughts

I tend to love purple shades like "Imagination" and though this was on the darker side of my normal daily wear, this is a fantastic shade for Fall.

SUVA Beauty Moisture Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

"The Unconscious" can get a little patchy if you go over the same areas, but it looks amazing once it's all applied!

SUVA Beauty Moisture Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review
The Unconscious

I actually really like "Strange". Sure, it's another one of those neon shades that amplify the yellow in my teeth, but I just loved it so much with my shirt! I own a few pieces of clothing in this orange red shade so it's nice to know I have a lipstick to match!

SUVA Beauty Moisture Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

SUVA Beauty Moisture Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

Final verdict: I think this is a great start for SUVA Beauty's lip collection. The packaging, formula and colour payoff are right up there with bigger brands at the $22 CDN price point. The formula was indeed very comfortable to wear, easy to apply and really did feel soft and plushy on the lips for hours and hours without going into that cracked lip phase of "Oh dear Lord, I need to take this off now because it looks like my lips are falling off" at the end of the day. Though I had wished the colour did not transfer, I would rather have my lips be comfortable and fairly pigmented than worry about them looking flaky. Overall, this is still a solid product and I look forward to more shades and potentially a less transfer-proof formula.

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