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I have always been someone who loves the concept of a clay mask and its detoxification and cleansing benefits, but despite the numbers of pots and packages of mud I have, I tend to prefer the instant effects of chemical exfoliation. While I am fine with puttering around AFTER my shower for 20 minutes with a sheet mask on, I for some reason find it difficult to make time BEFORE a shower to mud mask. Sheet masking consistently for the past 65 days has made me acutely aware of the importance of self-care so let me tell you just how NICE these Yes To Mud Masks have been!

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Unlike the Yes To Paper Masks I just reviewed, I was VERY pleased with these mud masks! I enjoyed using each one and though these are all just one-use packs, I would actually purchase them in larger or multi-use sizes! When I went to Target in Maine, there were SO MANY OTHER MUD MASKS that I may have gone a little crazy, but you would have too! You will see reviews of the other masks I picked up from Yes To coming in December, but for now let's talk about these babies!

I started off by using the Yes to Miracle Oil Primrose Oil Mud Mask* after I found the paper masks quite aggressive. This mud mask has rose flower water and primrose oil to soothe and calm irritated skin. This is a bentonite and kaolin clay-based mask, but there are also a number of oils in the formulation that made me very happy like safflower seed oil, coconut oil, meadowfoam seed oil and sunflower oil just to name a few!

The mask itself had a light fragrance and the clay felt incredibly soft and smooth to apply. This was probably my favourite mask out of the four I tried because I found the entire experience quite soothing and would definitely buy this mask on my own!

The Yes to Cucumber Mud Mask* is another calming mud mask for sensitive skin and uses cucumber (both the seed AND the fruit extract!) to calm as well as French green clay which removes impurities and balance the skin.

While the scent of the mask was nice, it only smelled sort of like a real cucumber which was a bummer as I love the smell of cucumber. I thought would have been nice and refreshing, but then again I'm not a cosmetic chemist so what do I know?  Like the Primrose Mud Mask, the clay was smooth to apply, but was a touch more drying for my skin than the Primrose Mud Mask.

The Yes to Coconut Mud Mask* was probably my second favourite because of how moisturizing I found it. This is a clay mask for DRY SKIN (Yes, they do exist!) and uses coconut oil and kaolin clay to hydrate and gently cleanse the skin.

This mask had a light coconut fragrance and was again a soft, smooth clay that was easy to apply. I found it very similar to the Primrose Mud Mask in that I found my skin feeling relatively hydrated upon removal.

The Yes to Tomato Charcoal Mud Mask* is for "breakout prone skin" or even just congested skin. This is probably the most classic form of what I would consider a "mud mask" as it is all about detoxifying and ridding skin of impurities using charcoal and salicylic acid.

This mask did not smell like tomatoes, but had a decent fragrance. Unfortunately, this was probably my least favourite mask out of the four as it was not as hydrating as the Primrose and Coconut masks and the scent was tolerable. Like the other three masks, the clay was smooth to apply and for a formula that sounded like it was going to strip my skin of all the moisture it had, it did not do that at all, but it also didn't seem to clarify my skin much either. This may be a different story for skin that IS congested though so I could see this mask being #1 for someone else!

As an FYI, don't do a charcoal clay mask while wearing a WHITE bodysuit. Things get messy!

Final verdict: I am MUCH happier with these Yes To clay masks in comparison to the paper masks. While the sheet masks need more work, I wouldn't change the formula on these clay masks one bit! The ONLY thing that bothered me about these one-time sachets was how narrow the opening was on the package. Yes, the teardrop shape is very cute, but because there is also a seam going around the edge of the sachet, the opening to get the mask out is very narrow! I guess I could have squeezed the contents into a bowl and applied, but I really like just stickin' my hand in there! Pricing is a bit on the upper end at I believe $3.99 CDN each, but then again I have paid more than triple for a sheet mask which is also one-time use so maybe $3.99 ain't that bad! London Drugs often does deals of 3 for $10 so that may be a good time to stock up!

You can find Yes To Mud Masks at London Drugs, Rexall, Shoppers Drug Mart and WalMart. 

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