NAILS | Inspired by Design.Me Dry Shampoo Packaging #CBBxManiMonday

I had already been planning this manicure in my head after trying out the new Design.Me Quickie Me Dry Shampoo Spray (you bet I've got a review coming!) and loving the colours and matte finish of the packaging when our little CBB ManiMonday family decided that today's theme would be "Inspired By"! I will admit that whenever I feel uninspired for a design, I look to the packaging of MANY of my beauty products!

PR samples

I thought about trying to dress up this manicure with more fluff, but what I liked about the Design.Me packaging is how minimalist it is so in the end, I kept it simple. I started off with two coats each of OPI Non-Stop White* and OPI The I's Have It* on every other nail. 

Then, using a fine nail art striper brush, I hand-drew some hearts using the same polish colours and then outlined them with black acrylic paint so that they *popped* a bit more.

Once everything was reasonably dry, I applied Essie Matte About You Top Coat* to get that matte look the bottles had. I had to resist using my dry drops because they tend to make the matte top coat look inconsistent in finish so I was waiting for everything to dry fully much longer than I normally do!

Have a great day everyone and be sure to check out: Renee, Trysh and Eithne's blog and social media channels for their manicures!

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