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I knew this week would kick my ass. The last couple of days have been a blur and though I love blogging, there are times like this past week where my day job comes first because I like a little bit of extra money and the occasional praise from my bosses. The last three nights have had me coming home much later than anticipated and blogging just wasn't in the cards, but this week is a less stressful week for me so I look forward to the breathing room. 

For the last couple of weeks I have been testing the Laneige BB Cushion Hydra Radiance SPF 50*, which is the radiance-enhancing and hydrating version of Laneige's classic BB Cushion foundation. This is great for all skin types and though I tend to use liquid foundations more often, there is something so quick and compact about cushion foundations which Asian cosmetics companies have really perfected.

PR samples

The mechanics of this cushion are pretty standard with the classic microbial sponge applicator, big mirror and palm-sized compact. After using sponge applicators from both North American and Asian brands, there is SOMETHING about the Asian ones that apply the product so much better! Especially around curved areas like the nose!

I have the shade No.23 Sand which is perfect for me with the cushion being just the right amount of sponginess to deliver a decent amount of product. I have used cushions that are too stiff as well as too soft with neither delivering a very satisfying "push down".

Bare, tired face

Application was super fast with the product covering my face in under a minute. Coverage is light to medium with most of the redness around my nose being covered and my skin tone more even. It also covered the redness in my cheeks which is always my main concern.

With Laneige BB Cushion 

Though the finish is not your typical Asian dewiness, it is more of a satin finish which is much more my style. It has a slight tackiness which I dust off with my IT Cosmetics Setting Powder and I'm pretty much looking good for most of the day. Though it doesn't ADD any moisture to my skin, It doesn't sit on my dry patches or make my normal/dry skin look even drier. The foundation starts to break down around 6-7 hours so I tend not to use it for work, but for a casual day running errands you bet!

Final verdict: In terms of value, $49 CDN for 15g (x2 as there is a second cushion included) of product is on par with the majority of foundations on the market. Classically, I have been able to get at least 6 months of continuous use out of a cushion foundation and the convenience factor of having everything I need in the palm of my hand really is a huge selling feature. This is a solid buildable medium coverage foundation for daily wear and though I wouldn't necessarily wear it for a long day or a night out, it does have its place on a no-fuss makeup day. 

 You can find the Laneige BB Cushion Hydra Radiance SPF 50 at Sephora.

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