NAILS | Happy New Year's Eve! #CBBxManiMonday

Just like that, it is NYE and the last day of 2018. I had a decent time in 2018 and though I try not to be too sentimental about looking back, but I have overall positive feelings about 2018 and am thankful for it! Each year seems to fly by so quickly and I always wish I could have accomplished more, but such is life. One thing that I have been so happy about is having three lovely bloggers join me for #ManiMondays since Spring this year! These girls are just as crazy about nail polish and more importantly, we never let the team down. I think there have only been a handful of Mondays this year that we all didn't have our "nails on" so for me personally, I love being held accountable even if it's just for something like #ManiMondays.

Glitter Nail Art

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I had no idea where today's manicure would end up as I knew I wanted glitter, but I didn't want to do just silver glitter. I also wanted to use nail studs and in the end I sort of just barfed it all up and did everything, BUT with a nude base it doesn't seem quite as crazy. Like a nude lip with a crazy eyeshadow look!

As a base, I used two coats of OPI Infinite Shine in Half Past Nude* and then glitter-fished for shards of glitter using OPI Gaining Mole-Mentum, which is a mixture of gold and silver glitter. I chose this glitter because I thought they "roughness" of the glitter pieces would be something a little different. Then I probably went a bit overboard and added the silver studs around my cuticle which I probably could have done without, but once I did the one nail, I felt compelled to do the rest!

Glitter Nail Art

The glitter is very sharp, so you will need at least two coats of top coat depending on how thick you make your coats.

Glitter Nail Art

Happy New Year everyone and be sure to check out: Renee, Trysh and Eithne's blog and social media channels for the last manicures of 2018!

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