BEAUTY TOOLS | Miniso x Pink Panther Makeup Sponges, Brushes and Puffs

Having a Miniso store so close to my work has made me a very loyal "client" of theirs as I often go there on my lunch to see what new sheet masks and beauty products they have. A large chunk of my sheet masks from brands like It's Skin, Papa Recipe and Mediheal have come from my trips to Miniso so needless to say, I LOVE this store. Earlier this year, Miniso officially partnered up with the Pink Panther for some SUPER cute beauty tools and even a sheet mask! A couple of months ago I came across these adorable makeup sponges and applicators and had to see how they measured up against the "big guys"!

Purchased by me

Ever since Beauty Blender came out with the now iconic makeup blending sponge, there have been many attempts to make more affordable options, but while some work other have fallen flat so how did these $2.99 options work out?

We all remember the Silisponge? I couldn't believe that a sponge made out of silicone was $10 USD and though I never bought THAT actual one, I have had a chance to try the cheaper knock-offs in similar shapes, odd shapes and tear drop shapes like this Crystal Cushion Powder Puff. This came as a pack of two with one shaped just like the original Silisponge and the other with glittery bits housed in a tear drop shape with a spongy foam liner. Both are made of polyurethane (PU) just like the Silisponge and if there are different grades then someone let me know because from what I am thinking, PU is PU.

After trying a few silicone applicators, I could never get used to the fact that they never buffed any of my foundation. I totally understand the whole "no waste" factor, but the sensation of the sponge and the finish on my face was never the same when compared with a brush or sponge. There is something comforting about porosity. The tear drop sponge, did have a spongey side which I am guessing is a 2-in-1 feature for blending. Regardless, both of these performed similarly to the videos I kept seeing of their predecessors so why not spend the $2.99?

Next up are these little sponges made for blending around the eyes, nose or removing eyeshadow fallout. I was totally fine with using these until I tried to clean one on one of those silicone scrubby pads and chunks started coming I don't know what happened there, but they were totally functional until that point if a little bit more stiff than the Beauty Blender sponges.

Finally, we get to the makeup brush and sponge duo. While I enjoyed the sponge for buffing bronzer or powder, I found the makeup sponge to be an odd shape for foundation, but the pointy end worked well for contouring though this isn't something I do very much of.

All in all, I was reasonably pleased with how the silicone applicators performed, but the sponges were just okay. I much prefer the shape of the Beauty Blender sponge and I have never been a fan of trying to contour, sculpt and blend all with one tool. I still love actual brushes or even fingers for that sort of thing. I will hang onto the powder brush, but will probably give away everything else or keep them as backup should I ever find myself without a sponge (*flashback to Elaine from Seinfeld*)!

What beauty goodies have you found at Miniso?

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