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In the blink of an eye, it is now December. One last month of 2018 and we are officially done! For me, I was quite excited about 2018 and need to go through my "Accomplishment Jar" to see what has happened this year because though I remember some notable things, the rest seems like a bit of a blur so I always like to go back and reflect on what I got up to throughout the year both in work, life and blogging just so I feel like I have accomplished SOMETHING. I have found the accomplishment jar to be a MUCH better strategy than the New Year's resolution one from a mental standpoint. Anyway, once again I have digressed and need to stop rambling so that we can get to my newest favourite haircare duo from new-to-my-hair brand - Giovanni!  

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigorating Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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I was introduced to this brand through a blogger box a few months ago and when I saw the words "Tea Tree" I was very scared to try this duo my hair because I didn't want it even drier than it already was, but after intensely positive recommendations from a few bloggers I gave it a go in September and I am now squeezing out the last bits and debating buying the full sizes even though I have too much shampoo and conditioner as is!

Giovanni is one of the cleaner haircare brands out there and is also incredibly affordable which is a huge plus! Though they have many products, the Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigoration Shampoo and Conditioner has been an amazing first set of products for me to try as this is the ONLY "minty" haircare duo that feels both tingly on my scalp and doesn't leave my hair wanting more moisture. I have a dry scalp that can get very itchy and the peppermint and menthol just brings such a sense of relief much like the headache relief I know MANY of you are familiar with when using Saje's Peppermint Halo!

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigorating Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Final verdict: I found the shampoo to be cleansing, but not drying to the ends of my hair and it was my favourite of the duo because of the extra minty feels. I would even leave this on for a few extra minutes just to enjoy the tingle on my scalp. Luckily, the conditioner was also a bit tingly, but I only massaged whatever was leftover on my hands onto my scalp to prevent my roots from being weighed down. Miraculously, my crazy witch hair is always in good shape after using this duo! It's smooth, has the right amount of volume at the roots, but MOST importantly provides my itchy scalp with SUCH a incredible amount of relief that I think I will have to buy the full sizes from and use this duo at least once a week (I wash my hair 2-3x a week) to keep my scalp balanced!

Do you have any other recommendations to deal with an itchy scalp? 

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