SKINCARE | 5 Facial Oils That You May Want in Your Life

I love that facial oils are more common and seen as more acceptable in a skincare routine. I tend to use oils in place of moisturizer on days that I have sheet masked (I guess that's almost everyday?) if my sheet mask is on the more hydrating side. There are so many options and scents to choose from now that I realized I was using quite a number and hadn't really talked about them all in one place before so today I've got everything from drugstore to luxury beauty pricing!

 PR gifted

Garnier Organic Lavandin Smooth and Glow Facial Oil*
Garnier Organic Lavandin Smooth and Glow Facial Oil

This oil is from the newest collection from the Garnier and I am digging it HARD! I am using a couple of products from the ECOCERT certified Garnier Bio line and overall I have been quite pleased and will be reviewing most of the collection in full next month. Firstly, if you love the scent of lavender, this oil will already be a winner in your mind as this blend of jojoba and argan oil is enriched with organic lavender from France. This oil is on the thicker side as jojoba oil is a bigger molecule, but you only need 2-3 drops for hydration and it absorbs nicely into the skin. This can also be used around the eye contour! For an ECOCERT stamped facial oil that works and smells divine for under $25 I'd say this one is a huge win at the drugstore!

The ONLY negative I can say about this oil that I feel is more about keeping the cost low is the plastic dropper that doesn't have a little bulb at the end. The little bulb is what keeps the oil from sliding out so when you are using it, just keep in mind that the oil will drip out on its own.

Tata Harper Beautifying Oil*
Tata Harper Beautifying Oil

I am hoarding this oil and I really shouldn't be. I first heard of this oil when I worked for Tata Harper five years ago and really wanted to try it, but was told that this particular product was not available for the Canadian market at the time. Fast forward a few years later and I was fortunate enough to receive this as PR through a Beautymark event and it was every bit as good as I had hoped mainly because I am a big fan of the scent of all Tata Harper's products. The main scent in this oil is jasmine and I also love that the first ingredient in this oil is squalane, followed right away by a bunch of fun plant-based oils and Tata's Estate Grown Beauty Complex. This oil also absorbs into the skin quickly and puts me in a state of pure and total zen.

Volition Hibiscus Dark Spot Correcting Oil*
Volition Hibiscus Dark Spot Correcting Oil

The reviews for this oil on Sephora are overall very positive with many claiming that their acne or pimple scars faded within a few days of actively using this so that's amazing! I don't get too many breakouts so I wish I could say something about the effects on hyperpigmentation, but what I CAN say is that this is a lovely formula with no added fragrance and uses antioxidant rich ingredients (in high concentration) like hibiscus oil and licorice root that have been shown to reduce the appearance of dark spots. Usually we think of these types of treatments as a serum or cream so it is interesting to see it done in an oil form and in an innovative way combining a treatment and facial oil step.

Pixi Rose Oil Blend*
Pixi Rose Oil Blend

I know I won't have to say much about this Pixi Rose Oil Blend as this is one of those products that is on social media quite a fair bit, but it actually is a good facial oil! Obviously, if you like the scent of rose this oil will be a quick favourite for you and is a blend of sweet almond, rose, jojoba, pomegranate and rose geranium oil. This oil can be mixed with your favourite moisturizer or cocktailed with some of Pixi's other oils and also sinks into the skin nicely. I also sneak this oil onto my hair because I love the scent and the hydration without the silicones!

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate*
Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate

This was a facial oil that I didn't really know was a facial oil until just a few years ago as I didn't know what Kiehl's meant by "concentrate" nor did I make the effort to look into it because I always thought of Kiehl's skincare as not for me, but over the years I've realized that they have a few products that are effective and targeted for enthusiastic skincare nerds like myself. This reminds me a lot of a dry oil in texture with just 2-3 drops that can be used just after cleansed skin or right before moisturizer. In terms of ingredients, I like the high squalane concentration combined with rose and evening primrose oil, but I find it strange to apply an oil before my serum and moisturizer. I actually pat this on top of my moisturizer and find it works well too, but maybe one of these days I will try it the way Kiehl's intended.

I know that facial oils aren't for everyone especially since a full skincare routine involves adding them to an existing cream moisturizer or patting them on top, which is my preferred way of using them), but I do think all skin types can benefit from using an oil as they can be very healing and calming to the skin. I know a lot of these oils can have essential oils which can be irritating, but personally I have no issues with them. If you have reacted to essential oils before, maybe stick to a pure rosehip oil like one from The Ordinary or Kosmea. Facial oils are also fantastic for gua sha which is something I started doing more regularly while in Quarantine. It is an activity that I feel says "F you" to all of the craziness around me and I remind myself that I am very fortunate that I get to sit down and perform such an act of self-care.

What have been your acts of self-care to make sure you stay sane during this time?

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