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There are A LOT of brands out there and I don't know about you, but with Instagram becoming oftentimes, the SOLE platform that brands get famous on, I am constantly saving photos to my created "Wishlist" of products to look into and try. Though I only discovered Innersense Organic Beauty through a Detox Market press box a few months ago, this brand seemed to have a large following on Instagram so I did a bit of investigating. I'm always in the market for healthy haircare that will be safe AND effective on colour-treated hair as it is still generally the salon-grade products that "cut to the chase" the quickest. Innersense seemed to be a blend of the two having been founded by husband and wife team Greg, the chemist, and Joanne, the hair stylist, and has since become a well-known and beloved brand especially among those in the textured hair community. The products are pH balanced and I kind of enjoy the philosophy behind the brand of treating the act of hairwashing and haircare as a ritual or "ceremony" as they would phrase it. I think of a skincare routine that way, so why not my hair which influences so much of my life and how I feel?

Innersense Pure Trio
 PR gifted

Innersense is EU Certified and free of silicones, sulfates, artificial fragrance and dyes, parabens, petrochemicals, PEG and many other things, but what I liked was the focus on higher concentrations of key ingredients as well as making sure the ingredients are ethically and sustainably harvested. I think what means more to me now in terms of ingredient formulations isn't really "clean ingredients", but about smart and transparent formulations. Don't focus on avocado oil if it's the last ingredient in the list after a bunch of silicones because that avocado oil ain't gettin' to where it's supposed to go! I also don't believe in fear-mongering so while this seems to be an effective type of marketing, it doesn't work well with me and on those who have become acutely aware of brands that choose to scare consumers this way either on purpose or because of their own naivety. 

Innersense Pure Trio

The first thing I noticed about the Innersense products I got to try were how uniquely good they smelled! If they could bottle these scents up into a fragrance, I would buy them because the shampoo and two types of conditioners each had their own scent, but were all VERY good. In fact, the instructions on each of the products say to take a deep breath and "become centered" before physically applying the product onto the hair. Initially, I thought this was a bit cheesy, but as we moved further into Quarantine and self-care, sayings like this and enjoying the little things like a good scent didn't seem unreasonable.

The travel trio I received can be used for all hair types, but according to the packaging is BEST used on fine to medium hair textures. However, there are collections for extra hydration as well as for colour-treated hair which I think would have worked better for me.

Pure Hair Harmony Hairbath*
Innersense Pure Trio

This is a gentle cleansing and purifying shampoo that also adds moisture to the hair with pumpkin seed, shea butter and coconut oils while the scent of orange flower oil invigorates the senses. Out of all three products, this was my most FAVOURITE smelling product and one that I would want to purchase in any form it came in whether it'd be body wash, a candle or fragrance. This is of course a sulfate-free formula that rinses hair without a residue leaving it full of body. Personally, I did not get a lot of volume anywhere which is why I suspect my hair type would have been suited for a different collection.

Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner*
Innersense Pure Trio

Conditioner is pretty important to me as my coarse hair gets pretty tangly without the slip of silicones, but this did the job! This is a lightweight conditioner made with rice bran oil, avocado oil and aloe for smoothing and with orange flower oil for shine. Even though I didn't get a lot of volume with this trio, I DID have smooth and tangle-free hair that was easy to brush through for days without the additional use of a hair mask.

Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner*
Innersense Pure Trio

In terms of needing additional detangling, I didn't need any while using the Innersense shampoo and conditioner, but this was nice for refreshing second or third day hair as it can be used on both wet and dry hair and adds a bit of shine with a blend of tamanu and rosemary oil and honey for hydration. It is also fairly lightweight, considering how many oils are in it, and can be used daily without weighing hair down.

Innersense Pure Trio

Final verdict: I am fairly pleased with my introduction to Innersense though I would like to try another travel size trio for my hair type before committing to the full sizes. I like the blend of plant-based cosmetic formulations and salon efficacy and considering some salons carry this line, it can't just be about pretty sounding ingredients.

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