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As we have seen many times on social media, everyone deals with this quarantine in different ways and it has been interesting to observe how we all as a group manage every week. I do agree that no one should judge another person on how they choose to deal with what's happening and I generally like to keep busy as accomplishing even little things like taking out the recycling or emptying out the dishwasher make me feel somewhat productive. The two things I seem to have focused on are blogging and making sure we have some form of baked good in the house. It seems that having muffins, cookies and cake at any given time is VERY important to our mental well-being! I have also realized that makeup and looking good has worked wonders for my mental state and though I have taken a few days off to be makeup-free, I have been enjoying all of the products I never had a chance to take out of their boxes and coming up with content to share in this space! When I picked up this gift set of Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lipglosses probably two Christmases ago, it was going to be my first foray into his lipglosses and though I only opened up the package last summer, I'm glad I got the pack of 5 to play the field a bit instead of committing to almost $40 for a single lipgloss!

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lipglosses
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As always we gotta go through the product spiel which is that these lipglosses are "infused with a unique Triple Shine Complex, a blend of high-performance ingredients that provide unstoppable wear and shine like '30 coats of lacquer'." These lipglosses are supposed to be so shiny that your lips will be an optical illusion of plumpness and volume. I have to say that ever since learning that little makeup trick of putting a drop of lipgloss in the center of my lip to make them look fuller, I have adored gloss (though I have created a space in my heart for mattes). In the early to mid-2000s, crystal clear lipgloss in the center of my lips on top of Clinique's Blushing Nude was my jam so although super glossy lips weren't anything new, it's Marc Jacobs so I needed to know if it was going to be amazing!

I like the flatness of this doe foot applicator because I feel like I have more visibility and control at getting a nice defined edge around the corners of my lips. The formula has a sweet minty scent and is not sticky, but if you do start to layer to build opacity, it will start to get stringy.

 Sugar Sugar (Shimmer Finish)

I did not realize this was a shimmery finish until I looked up the shade on the Sephora website and then when I shone my phone flashlight on the outside of the tube, I saw the shimmers! This pale pink nude has gold shimmer throughout, but I could barely see it on my lips. Initially, this goes on a little pale and seems unforgiving when it comes to lip dryness and wrinkles, but then after a few minutes it seems to adjust to a nice neutral pink. 

Skin Deep (High Shine Finish)

This is my FAVOURITE gloss out of the set as I call it the "perfect sexy nude". It has more of a mauve tone to it and though it is VERY close to "Sugar Sugar" it matches with my skin tone a bit better and more readily. If I were to get a full size of these glosses this would be one of them because it makes every look appear sultry and put together.

Raspberry Beret (High Shine Finish)

I have a soft spot for shades like this and I keep forgetting that when I look at the tube, I should expect this super matte, opaque colour to come out. It's a high shine gloss so it is going to be slightly translucent which actually makes it a much more wearable shade to wear casually. I love the brightness of it and with a smokey purple eye, this would be really pretty!

Boys Don't Cry (High Shine Finish)

I was hoping this would be nicer on me than it was and it was mainly because the glassy effect of this shade didn't translate well on me. I would see some of my lip colour and then try to add a bit more product on top which started to look kind of gross after awhile because you just get strings of gloss between your lips whenever you talk and God knows no one wants anyone "speaking moistfully" these days.

Ch-Ch-Changes (Shimmer Finish)

This was the shade that made me buy the whole set! I was really into Game of Thrones and "dragon scale" finishes so when I saw this, I fell in love. It looked so beautiful and even on, it's so easy to wear and layer with other lipsticks. As the gloss fades, you are left with iridescent sparkles on your lips, which I quite like. Don't know what other people think, but I think it's pretty!

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lipglosses

Final verdict:
 Well, I don't think this formula is particularly different than other hi-shine formulas nor does it look like "30 layers of shine". They are definitely shiny on initial application, but that shine disappears fairly quickly after about one or two hours which is a bit disappointing, but not surprising. Oddly enough, I still won't write this product off because Skin Deep and Ch-Ch-Changes are just such lovely shades that even when they dry down, they leave the lips with such a nice colour. So while I won't be stocking up on all of the Enamoured shades, Skin Deep and Ch-Ch-Changes will be on my list once I use up my mini versions, but it's mostly because I like the shade itself and not its main selling feature of shine. If I find a cheaper dupe, I will opt for that as $38 is steep for a lipgloss that I'm making compromises for.

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