NAILS | Orange and Feathery #MidWeekMani

I so rarely do my nails in the middle of the week, but I have been timing my holo nails with hopefully some sunny days off, which are now Sunday and Monday until further notice, which means that in between, I want to showcase AS MANY summery bright manicures as possible before we say hello to Fall. It's insane that we are already into the first week of August. 2020 is going to be such a weird way to remember things. Already, my memory of things is "Before COVID" or "After COVID" and it's not like COVID is really over either. I just think of March and April as that scary time when we didn't know what things would be like and honestly, with the numbers climbing back up again, I feel like the Fall might be another scary time. I am definitely one of the more cautious people who totally doesn't mind not seeing people in person and if anything, I am a TRUE homebody as I was doing just fine hanging out with my husband and cats, but now that I am at work, I do get some extra socializing so I welcome staying at home. It must be so hard being single now, but at least we might have $100,000 worth of glory holes thanks to YouPorn LOL. If you don't know about this, leave a comment and I will link you the tweet! 

 Polishes PR gifted

OPI had two amazing summer collections - Mexico City and Hidden Prisms and I have combined them both in today's manicure! The shades from Hidden Prisms are quite sheer and need at least 3 layers to get rid of that visible nail line so I didn't feel like wearing something sheer today, BUT they do make great little toppers to give a nail polish some pizazz. I applied two coats of ""Coral-ing You Spirit Animal" and then layered on two coats of "Magic Hour" and I had this sort of glowy orange look which I will be honest, I wasn't quite loving. 

I mean, orange is nice, but I felt like it was missing something so I went through my boxes of nail art stuff and took out everything from more fimo fruit, striping tape, gold studs and then found some colourful water decal feathers which seemed to work!

I sealed it all in with top coat and though you can't see the sort of glow Hidden Prisms "Magic Hour" gives in person, I guarantee you it looks super cool!

We are almost at the end of the week and though I still work part of the weekend, it still feels exciting to know there is a weekend coming. I have had some crazy people to deal with this week who seemingly don't understand how COVID impacts EVERYTHING in terms of timelines so here's to ending the week on a better note even if it means I need to self-medicate with a bit of chocolate!

The OPI Mexico City and Hidden Prisms Collections are available now!

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