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I feel like every year I discover a bunch of a new-to-me deodorants and even though I haven't made a conscious effort to use the more "natural" stuff, those tend to be the deodorants I like. I used antiperspirants for a few years until switching to "salt sticks" in my early 20s which I felt were better for my skin. I feel like sweat is a natural process and I feel bad for my body when I try to stop this process, but then again, I don't sweat a lot or enough to have it be a problem so I might be singing a different tune if that were the case! One tip I picked up from Dr. Pimplepopper of all people was to apply deodorant at night! I don't have showers in the mornings as I have them at night so I apply deodorant after I come out of the shower and I am ready to go in the mornings! 

Some PR gifted (indicated with *)

The Green Beaver Lavender Natural Spray Deodorant

I totally forgot that I mentioned how much I liked this spray-on deodorant last year (review) so I will keep it short and say that if you like the scent of lavender, this is the scent for you! I like the idea of a spray as I use it on my feet and gives me another option for my underarms should I be looking for something different to use.

Leaves of Trees Eucalyptus Mint Deodorant

Toronto-based company Leaves of Trees was first introduced to me through the now closed BeautyMark in downtown Vancouver. What initially grabbed me was the packaging and the scent as well as the deodorant delivery system. When I first picked up this tube, I was just getting into more natural deodorants and was trying to avoid those that came in pots because I hated getting product stuck under my nails and I just couldn't be bothered to use a spoon. Squeezing out of a tube seemed more efficient. With this formula, a little goes a reeeeallly long way so this 37mL tube has lasted and will continue to last awhile. This is a deodorant I use for days off or light excursion days as the scent is quite refreshing, leaves no white residue and melts into the skin with rubbing however, for an 8-10 hour work day, this wasn't enough to fully mask odor.

Necessaire The Deodorant

This is my newest purchase and I know nothing really about the brand other than it falls under Sephora's Clean Beauty category which frankly doesn't mean a whole lot to me, but I was intrigued with the brand's packaging and focus on body care. Most importantly, I liked that they used malic and lactic acid in their deodorant formulation and are baking soda free. After my research on baking soda-free formulations when I was reviewing Apothekari's deodorant, I realized that this was probably what was helping in keeping odor away for 10+ hours as the skin's pH is kept balanced. Though I wish it smelled more like eucalyptus, the deodorant has been working for me! I like how it dispenses and makes you feel like you are using a stick deodorant though the formula is similar to potted deodorants in that you will also need to massage the product a bit into your underarms to fully melt the product.

Apothekari pH Balanced Deodorant in Lavender*

I did a massive review on Vancouver-based company Apothekari and their deodorant a few months ago so I won't delve too hard into the product, but I love this lavender scent and as mentioned in the Necessaire review, this formula does not contain baking soda and uses lactic acid and an enzyme compound made from yeast called DEOPLEX which destroys odor-causing bacteria. This stuff is used to absorb the scent of bodily excretions so you KNOW it's serious stuff! This is still by far the best deodorant for me at making sure I smell like NOTHING at the end of some long ass days.

Attitude Super Leaves Deodorant*

This is the newest deodorant I have been trying and it is from Canadian brand Attitude. This is a vegan and Ecologo Certified brand (a product certified for reduced environmental impact) who I have seen made consistent strides over the years in trying to make their packaging and products sustainable. They also do household and pet products if you are interested in going beyond their skin and bodycare. Coming in six scents, this arrowroot powder-based deodorant is housed in a fully biodegradable all-paper packaging! I received the scent "Red Vine Leaves" and it's a unique scent! It is quite nice though and even my husband likes it. It's a refreshing floral/fruity scent that makes me feel like I'm out in nature. You push the product up from the bottom and apply to dry skin. As the actual deodorant is in shea-butter, it is solid at room temperature and you will need to warm the product a few times back and forth on your underarms. The product will need to be worked in with your fingers a little bit, but melts into the skin quickly. It also was able to keep me smelling relatively floral all day at work and by the time I got home so I have given this a seal of "long ass day" approval.

The only negative thing I have to say about the Attitude deodorant, that is purely esthetic, is that the packaging gets marked up because it's just cardboard. Whenever I use my body oil and then reach for the deodorant it means I have fingerprint blotches all over, but that is just a consequence of sustainable packaging!

I know natural deodorants aren't everyone's cup of tea and that they take awhile to get used to, but if you are in the market for trying some new ones, I hope these suggestions help!

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