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You are probably going to see slightly more sheet mask reviews thanks to embarking on the #100DaysofSheetMask challenge again this week, but instead of putting pressure on myself to review EVERYTHING I use, I focused on dedicating blog reviews to just 2-3 of the more interesting masks out of the 7 I use each week. Maybe it's a brand I love, a cool technology in the mask or some noteworthy ingredients like the Retinol 8 used in the Verso Intense Facial Mask! 

Verso Intense Facial Mask
 Purchased by me

Swedish brand Verso, was founded by Lars Fredriksson who originally came from the world of finance and marketing. He came across Retinol 8, a stabilized form of Vitamin A that is said to be 8x more effective than standard retinol, but half as irritating in a medical journal and realized he wanted to share this ingredient in a way that reflected Scandinavian culture. Verso is meant to be a simple, no fuss line without complicated routines. If you venture out into the rest of their skincare, their packaging is black and white and NUMBERED so that you know what to use when!

Verso Intense Facial Mask

Though I originally got to know this brand through their serums, I was interested to see Verso's take on the sheet mask which was made in Korea, but formulated and developed in Sweden. Verso makes two masks, both are made of hydrogel and focus on deep hydration. The Intense Facial Mask contains the key ingredient Retinol 8 about halfway down the ingredients list and though I haven't used the serum long enough to REALLY see the effects of Retinol 8, I can say that it was indeed non-irritating. When it comes to a sheet mask though, I doubt the effects of Retinol 8 will be evident and I have a feeling that when used in conjunction with the rest of the Verso skincare routine, the effects of the sheet mask will be more evident.

Verso Intense Facial Mask

Verso Intense Facial Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: $20 each or $105/4 masks which MAKES NO SENSE and I am choked that I paid MORE for the box! I picked these up in-store last year where there were no singles of this mask. Holt Renfrew carries singles of this mask online.
Skin concerns: dryness, lack of firmness, signs of aging
Scent: Smells like green tea to me! One of the best smelling masks I've tried!
Essence Type: Clear and very plump jelly
Duration: 20 min
Thickness: Average for hydrogel
Mask Fit: Comes in two pieces, but the moustache portion of the bottom half was thin and kept sliding down across my lips. The bottom half also kept lifting like crazy so I will cut slits in the chin area the next time I use these.
Tackiness: Light, but give it at least an hour before you put your head on your pillow.
Hydration: Mega good. I just felt a bit dry around my eyes, but I tend to feel this way all the time, so I think I'm just getting old.
Other notes: N/A

Verso Intense Facial Mask

Final verdict:
Hmmm, I liked the plumpness of the essence as well as the scent, but the fit was such that I really needed to lie down or it would just slide right off. Hydration was quite good though so I would say that I probably would enjoy using this again and would even like to try Verso's other hydrogel mask knowing how the fit will be so generally a positive experience so far!

You can find Verso at Holt Renfrew in Canada.

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