NAILS | The Hungry Asian Tickled Pink Swatch #CBBxManiMonday

Anyone else feel like taking a sick day? Luckily I have today off, but after going to bed at around 1am last night and then getting up 6 hours later to do laundry, I just feel like I never woke up! I had a small nap at 11am just because I couldn't stop yawning, but I still feel like a complete zombie. I am also feeling quite a bit of anxiety (Ukraine and Russia aside) as tomorrow is my Monday and it's a week of fairly unpleasant things in the retail world. 

The Hungry Asian Tickled Pink Swatch
Purchased by me sooooo long ago!

Firstly, we have Inventory which is a two day affair starting with one 12 hour and another 10 hour day back to back. In that time, we have TWO audits that just happened to coincide with Inventory. The internal audit is the most stressful (even if you are doing everything right) as the auditors tend to be extremely thorough sometimes to the point of actively trying to search for a mistake even though we both work for the same company. The last audit we had, I was with the auditor every single moment for 8.5 hours. It would have been 9 had I not requested a 30 minute break for lunch (he said he didn't need to eat - just smoke and get a coffee). Even as I write this, I am feeling so agitated and I know that after going through two years of pandemic and uncertainty that this really is not a big deal. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

The Hungry Asian Tickled Pink Swatch

All of this yammering leads me to a very simple #CBBxManiMonday (as I have been paralyzed by fear) that also is kind of a #LunarFebruary as this swatch is from the now long gone indie polish maker The Hungry Asian who dominated so many of the nail polish blogs 10 years ago. Many of her polishes are so iconic especially in the matte glitter space. If you can believe it, this is yet another untried for me and though I'm not sure how I feel about this shade of pink with my skin tone, what makes this cream polish special are the hints of delicate pink and bright blue glitter. Yes, this is a glitter polish, but it is so subtle and dainty.

The Hungry Asian Tickled Pink Swatch

I don't know the next time I will be back here this week, but I hope to be here for my Five on Friday post though that is the day of our audit! Maybe I'll type in the evening as a celebration of making it through the week! Happy Monday everyone and be sure to check out Renee and Trysh's blogs for their pink and red-themed manicures this week!

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