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NOTW: Christmas Presents Under The Tree!

Omigoodness, this was so hard to do. I have no idea why, but it took me two episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" and part of "Ip Man" to finish both hands! I enjoyed doing the gift boxes for my Birks design that I thought I'd try again with all sorts of different colours. The tree was probably the most difficult although I think if I had used acrylic paints, would be MUCH easier to do! Anyway, enjoy!


  1. This is SO CUTE!! :D!!! I love it! ^-^

  2. Seeing all these awesome holiday designs are really getting me into the spirit! Hope whatever I come up with turns out as well as yours did - I love those bows!

  3. Thanks Crystal! I'm sure your design will look great if not better! Can't wait to see it!