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BEAUTY TOOLS | Beauty Bigbang Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

Guess what? These brushes are made with REAL unicorn hair! Yeah, no. As much as we want "real" ingredients in our food and beauty products, I actually prefer synthetic bristles to actual brush hair just because I feel they are a bit lower maintenance in terms of cleaning them and keeping them free of bacteria. It also means that I can have brushes that look like THIS. This 7 piece Unicorn Makeup Brush Set* from Beauty Bigbang is the price of two tall caramel macchiattos and they are among the prettiest brushes I own. Almost immediately after I instagrammed storied these brushes, I made a place for them on my now VERY full makeup counter because these babies were getting used right away!   

Beauty Bigbang Unicorn Brush Set Review

This 7pc brush set is currently on sale for $11.43 CDN and is intended for use for a variety of makeup products namely foundation, blush, powder and eyeshadow. I am not a makeup whiz at all and honestly, when it comes to brushes for the face I only really use a blush and fluffy shadow brush.

Beauty Bigbang Unicorn Brush Set Review

Of course, what really makes these brushes shine are the metallic ombre brush handles! The colour seems pretty solid as I tried to scratch off the finish and nothing budged. They seem well connected to the ferrule, but I suppose time will tell as I wash these as I have had brushes come apart after a couple of washes.

Beauty Bigbang Unicorn Brush Set Review

The actual hairs are SUPER soft which is usually the case when it comes to synthetic brush hairs and I also like the purple tips because it hides how dirty your brush may be. I'm so lazy when it comes to cleaning them. I clean my brushes maaaybe bi-monthly and as perfect as a snowy white brush can look, the moment it comes into contact with makeup, we get sad!

Beauty Bigbang Unicorn Brush Set Review

My favourite brushes would have to be the large tapered powder brush on the far right and the flat eye shadow brush. The tapered powder brush is PERFECT for setting loose powder under the eyes, as it as shaped just right for that junction between the corner of the eye and the bridge of the nose and the eyeshadow brush picks up and deposits ALL of the product on your eyes without fallout. I went for a smoky eye today with deep brown and I didn't even have to dust off any fallout from underneath my eyes!

Final verdict: I was already impressed before using the brushes just based on the way they felt and appearance, but the fact that these are actually decent brushes for such a low price makes me love them even more. Beauty Bigbang also has those popular brushes shaped like roses and with mermaid tails so now that I know the quality of these ones, you can bet I will be grabbing another set!

Beauty Big Bang and I are offering everyone a 10% off code on ANY purchase with the code JAYN10! I do not receive any commission from this code, but if it's used enough we will have a little something special planned for you guys!

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