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The quickest cheat to livening up any manicure is to use some form of a stud or sequin. They are fast and easy to apply and can last the length of your manicure if applied correctly and sealed in with top coat. You guys all know that Born Pretty is my jam when it comes to nail art supplies, but recently I was introduced to another Asian website BeautyBigBang that has fairly reasonable pricing, worldwide free shipping and similar product selection albeit on a smaller scale. They have those super cool mermaid brushes as well as a number of beauty gadgets that anyone would love (LED eyelashes!) I actually quite like the site as it is quite a bit cleaner and more smooth than a lot of these Asian shopping sites and was happy to shop and find some new goodies to add to my cart!

Duri Black Caviar Metallic Stud Nail Art

It's getting to the point where I have A TON of nail add-ons, but oddly enough when I saw these Round Nail Glitter Thin Sequins*, I couldn't recall having anything in this size. Since, I didn't want to detract too much from the sequins, I decided just to use a basic black as night polish to bring some attention to the sparkle.

I started off with two coats of Duri Black Caviar* applying the sequins immediately after applying the second coat on each nail. I have found that sinking studs or sequins into the polish when it's still wet rather than "on top"after it has dried as it aids in the manicure's longevity. I wanted to use all of the sizes and colours so I just used my wax pencil to pick up the sequins and place them where I wanted. I then sealed everything in with a shiny top coat and oohed and aahed!

Duri Black Caviar Metallic Stud Nail Art

Duri Black Caviar Metallic Stud Nail Art

Even though the jar of sequins is small, it is PACKED and I will probably never use these up in my lifetime unless I started covering parts of my face with these...oooh I could do THAT! I haven't shopped anywhere else for nail supplies for awhile and when I received these as well as some other items, I was super impressed with the quality!

To entice you, Beauty Big Bang and I are offering everyone a 10% off code on ANY purchase with the code JAYN10! I do not receive any commission from this code, but if it's used enough we will have something special for you guys! (Pssst! I have already placed an order for something for Halloween!)

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