SKINCARE | Nannette de Gaspe Face Youth Revealed Dry Sheet Mask

The packaging is what got me to pick up the Nannette de Gaspe Face Masque. I was in the skincare section of Holt Renfrew on my lunch break (NEVER a good idea) and saw what looked like pieces of art, but lo and behold it was a DRY SHEET MASK. The first I had ever seen! I raved about the Charlotte Tilbury Dry Sheet Mask a few months ago and was floored, BUT in actuality Nannette de Gaspe had come out last year. Both brands utilize the same dry sheet mask technology from Quebec-based lab Biomod, but of course I had to pick up this $145 luxury skincare item to see what the fuss was all about! What I will say is that at the time I got it, CT had not released her mask yet so this was the ONLY dry sheet mask I knew of! #justified  

Nannette de Gaspe is a real person, from Toronto in fact, so yayy for supporting a Canadian company! Her last name is a famous one as she married into a very well-known Montreal family who have founded companies like Telemedia, Rogers Wireless and initiatives like ParticiPACTION! I mean, who didn't love Hal and Joanne in the 90s?!

Anyway, after I got over my fangirling, I got back to the skincare and because I have reviewed this technology so extensively in my Charlotte Tilbury post, I will not go into nearly as much detail as before, but suffice it to say that I find dry sheet masks absolutely amazing in terms of how they work.

Unlike regular water-based sheet masks, dry sheet masks are oil-based with ingredients like shea and mango butter and olive fruit oil that are semi-solid and warm when in contact with skin. Our cell membranes are composed of a phospholipid bilayer so lipids or oils pass through this membrane easily. The idea is that because these oils gets a free pass, they can bring along all those good anti-aging ingredients!

Inside one of these beautifully packaged boxes is a single waterless mask encased in a resealable bag. They say you can use this mask up to 3x to aid in collagen and elastin synthesis, but I was easily able to use this 5x so at $29 per use, it was slightly easier to stomach the price tag.

I couldn't find a written ingredients list for this, but after comparing the photo above to that of the CT mask, they are VERY similar. Both use shea butter as the foundation for relaying anti-aging goodies like peptides into the skin as shea butter is solid at room temperature and liquifies when warmed.

The mask itself is SUPER pretty with the pattern doubling as a way to know which is the correct side to have on your skin! All you need to remember is that you want the pattern to show! The mask fits very tightly and has ear loops for the chin and face. I wish the forehead portion of the mask was a bit bigger as I would have liked the mask to go all the way up to my hairline.

The fabric is slightly fuzzy, a little stretchy and once on, you are to massage the mask to warm up the shea butter and leave on for 15 minutes. I can never get over how DRY these masks are. There is literally no residue or essence in the bag and not even a hint of moisture on the mask's surface. After the first use, my skin definitely had a bit of a glow from the shea butter base, but did not feel greasy. I did not need any moisturizer and my skin felt not just soft, but slightly moist like skin should feel. The CT mask was slightly more greasy, but marginally so.

Final verdict: If Charlotte Tilbury hadn't come out with a dry sheet mask with the same technology for just $27/mask, I would probably purchase this one again because the technology is pretty fantastic. Dry sheet masks are less messy and honestly make my skin feel better than the wet ones because I don't like my skin feeling tacky which is what a lot of essences do. If someone gave me a Nannette de Gaspe mask I would be over the moon, but if I were to purchase another dry sheet mask? Between the two that I have tried, I'd have to go with the CT one just because I felt the results were pretty similar in terms of hydration, skin and ease of use. If there were no CT mask, I would definitely keep treating myself to this!

Even though I wouldn't necessarily pick up another FACE mask, Nannette de Gaspe also has dry sheet masks for the mouth, bust, neck, hands, eyes and most recently the TUSH! I gotta get me an ass mask! Like HOW would that even work?

Nannette de Gaspe is available exclusively at Holt Renfrew in Canada.

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