NAILS | Sinful Colors #Pride Collection Taping Nail Art

In my last post, I'm sure you could feel my excitement for the new Sinful Colors Pride collection through your screens and today I am back to share more nail art and glittery goodness! The Pride Collection, in collaboration with international singer and songwriter Era Istrefi, has seven glitters and one creme polish. Today's focus is on the shade Frenzy* because this is an especially dense purple and blue microglitter that just looks really cool on its own. If you would like to see the other shades in this collection, check out my previous blog post (link).

Sinful Colors Glitter Taping Nail Art

For this design, I started off with two coats of the yellow cream Sinful Colors Yolo* from the Pride Collection on my middle and ring nails and waited for them to completely dry before applying my striping tape. Though I am not a huge fan of how yellow polishes look on me, Yolo is a great one for nail art. Fully opaque in two coats and is not streaky at all like some yellow polishes can be.

While I was waiting, I painted Sinful Colors Samba-Dy to Love on my pointer and pinky nails and two coats of Sinful Colors Taste It* from the Pride Collection.

Once Yolo was dry, I applied five pieces of striping tape to each nail - two for the "V" and then three for the horizontal lines across the nail. The best way to apply Frenzy* is with a makeup sponge in order to get a dense glitter distribution without having too many layers of polish. For the hard to reach areas, apply polish to the corner of the makeup sponge and dab. Once you cannot see anymore yellow polish, peel off the tape in the REVERSE order you applied it.

Sinful Colors Glitter Taping Nail Art

Wait a bit for the polish to dry again before applying your top coat as you do not want the glitter to be pulled "out of formation" and you are done!

Sinful Colors Glitter Taping Nail Art

Other than blue, I also love how regal purple polishes can be and I knew that Taste It and Frenzy BELONGED together, but at the same time I didn't want them competing so I thought this was a happy hybrid of allowing them both to shine!

You can find the Sinful Colors Pride Collection in stores now for just $2.99 each!

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