NAILS | Drippy, Trippy Neons #ManiMonday

I love summer brights, but I don't often wear neons because some can be fairly high maintenance when it comes to making them look good. I don't believe in wearing a white base to enhance a neon's intensity and a neon formula can be tricky with many applying unevenly. I didn't think I'd be wearing a neon this summer until the Cirque Colors Vice Collection*. Cirque is one of those indie polish brands that I treat like gold in my collection. Companies like Cirque inspire the mainstream brands and when Nail Polish Canada started carrying their polishes, my wallet breathed a sigh of relief that I no longer would have to worry about the 30% US exchange on my credit card!

Cirque Colors Vice Summer 2017 Drip Nail Art

The Vice Collection is predominantly neons with a silver holo topper and a few shades that I think I will be transitioning into the colder season as well. For today's manicure, I chose the complimentary shades of orange and blue and decided to a drip mani, which I haven't done in a couple of years. Interestingly enough, the last time I did a drip mani was also with neons (here) so go figure.

Cirque Colors Vice Summer 2017 Collection

I started off with three coats of the super bright orange "Extra" as there was very slight patchiness with the formula. I guess this is a neon polish issue, but the third coat seemed to fix everything. Using a dotting tool and the cobalt blue "One Night Stand", I placed a few dots in the middle of the nail and dragged the remaining polish up to the tip of the nail. From here, you can fill in the tip of the nail very casually as drippy doesn't mean neat! I made a bit of a mistake with the middle nail, making the tip too wide trying to overcorrect so as long as you keep the tips not too thick, your mani will look just fine!

Cirque Colors Vice Summer 2017 Drip Nail Art

These neons dry to a matte finish, but since I'm more of a juicy, shiny person, I added on a shiny top coat as my finishing touch!

Cirque Colors Vice Summer 2017 Drip Nail Art

The Cirque Colors Vice Collection is available now for a limited time at Nail Polish Canada.

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