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I always feel like I need a pick me up in the middle of the week regardless of whether I'm working a "true week" of Monday to Friday or something more random. I think I am happiest when I am able to have two new manis a week since I tend to get bored quite quickly by Thursday and let's face it, there are too many polishes out there waiting for a home on my nails!

Today's is inspired by @flowidity108 again and is deceivingly simple looking. I have been dying to do a black and white manicure and this is the first of two designs that have been on my nail art bucket list!

Black and White Nail Art

I started with three coats of Duri Blank* and then applied one coat of Duri Brush n Go Top Coat* as I didn't feel like waiting too long to apply my black striping tape. If you're ever looking for a good white, Blank is a great option as it is pretty much opaque in two coats, but with whites, I always apply a thin third coat to even out any patchy areas. I have also been using the Brush n Go Top Coat to death because my polish dries so quickly even without dry drops!

From here, I basically applied tape in random lines in the hopes that the final product would look cool and I think I did ok! Applying top coat again to the striping tape is a scary thing because you can only really do one stroke. If you have to go over a section and the tape happens to be part of it, the colour of the tape can be removed which is what happened on some areas. Perhaps a water-based top coat would not have this issue, but so far, it has been a bit of a struggle for me so if anyone has any top coat suggestions, I am all ears!

Black and White Nail Art

How is everyone's week going? What is the 411?!

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