NAILS | Neon Colourblocking #ManiMonday

Now, this was a manicure that I felt I could still see even with the lights out! Continuing on with the Cirque Vice Collection, I wanted to put all of these bright shades together somehow, but lemme tell ya that neon nail polish shades aren't the easiest to pair off with each other because each shade is as equally loud as the next! Taping seemed like a safe technique to try and although I wasn't too happy with the final results, people I ran into thought this was a fun little manicure for summer which led me to sharing it here with you!

Cirque Vice Neon Colourblocking Nail Art

I started off with two coats of the neon creme green Cirque Kushy* and waited for this to dry completely before applying a triangular piece of scotch tape to the middle of my middle and ring nails. I have very curved nails so getting the tape to be smooth was a challenge which led to the edges not being as crisp as I would have liked upon peel-off.

On one side of the tape, I used the gorgeous bright blue Cirque One Night Stand* which I used in my ManiMonday from last week followed by the intensely orange-red Cirque Game Over*. I quickly peeled off the tape and then sealed everything in with a fast drying shiny top coat!

Cirque Vice Neon Colourblocking Nail Art

Cirque Vice Neon Summer Collection

The Cirque Colors Vice Collection is available now at Nail Polish Canada.

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