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This is a long awaited weekend as we have been very short-staffed at work which means I have been banking some very long days. Thank God things will be somewhat back to normal next week, but I feel absolutely spent. Normally, I would have headed outside to beachier pastures, but because of the horrible wildfire situation in BC, air quality in Vancouver is currently WORSE than that of Beijing so my husband's asthma has been acting up and even my throat and eyes have been a bit irritated from the ash that has been in the air. So, instead of trudging out to the beach, I will have to settle for staying in and occasionally popping my head out, but that doesn't change what are some absolute essentials from Rexall for comfortably enjoying the rest of this (hopefully less hazy) summer! 

Summer Beauty with Rexall Be Better Review

When it comes to summer skincare, I keep it simple. Almost lazy. I don't do as many of the steps I normally would during the Fall-Spring because the layers feel almost suffocating. It has been more humid the last couple of weeks, so the last thing I want is for my face to be as sticky as the rest of my body.

While I don't live close to a Rexall, I work directly across from one so a number of my lunch breaks are spent perusing the beauty aisles with the initial intention of just grabbing a bag of chips or a chocolate bar. Most drugstores have their own house brand which can be a turn-off for some as it isn't "branded", but honestly, how many of us LOVE President's Choice or Life? Rexall's house brand Be Better has a range of hair, body and skincare products that are honestly pretty good! 

Summer Beauty with Rexall Be Better Review

Even though it's summer, I still like to use a serum after cleansing and toning, but one that is oil-free. The Be Better Argan Oil Serum* has an incredibly light, almost water-like texture and though it feels like nothing there is aloe vera juice to soothe and lemon oil to exfoliate. The only thing that had me feeling some slight hesitation is the presence of diazolidinyl urea which is a formaldehyde releasing preservative halfway through the ingredients list. It is considered safe in the concentrations used in cosmetics, but just thought I would let ya'll know.

The Be Better Argan Oil Day Cream* does not contain SPF so that will have to be applied in another step, but this is an incredibly lightweight moisturizer containing shea butter, olive fruit oil and aloe vera juice and even niacinamide for brightening. In both the serum and the day cream, the packaging highlights the presence of hyaluronic acid, but they are in the second half of the ingredients list so I wouldn't count on it being too important at this point. As a standard day cream though, it is hydrating and doesn't make feel sticky.

Summer Beauty with Rexall Be Better Review

Now, that my face is nicely hydrated, I have to make sure my body is with some Be Better Coconut Oil Body Butter*! This is a shea butter based moisturizer and if you like the scent of coconut, you are going to eat this right up! I also find that if you have a bit of colour already, applying moisturizer makes your skin, especially my legs, look that much more delectable!

About 30 minutes before I head into the sun is when I apply my sunscreen. I will use a lotion like the Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion* at home and then to top up I will opt for the spray. I love the travel-friendly size Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sport Spray* not only for its convenience, but because it is continuous spray! Yes, it's a little messy, but I find them both amusing and easier to use. There is something about spraying that makes me enjoy a product more!

Summer Beauty with Rexall Be Better Review

And, finally one of the most important things is staying hydrated (as well as being fashionably protected with your oversized hat and sunnies!). I remember going to the beach once with a friend who didn't want to bring water and I was like "Are you crazy?!" I often will bring my water in a stainless steel bottle or metal thermos because I want my water to be as cold as possible. I'm like this at home too.

Summer Beauty with Rexall Be Better Review

I haven't gone to the beach nearly enough this summer and though I have had a few patio opportunities at home, they have been few and far between. It IS the long weekend here in BC so I am hoping for at least one day on the patio reading my newest read, "Pride and Prejudice"! For such an old book, I am finding it quite funny!

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