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I’m going to admit something to you all. I’m scared of making phone calls. I’ve never liked picking up the phone and calling anyone whether it’d be friends or making appointments. In my yearbook, my friends all wrote me the same tagline – “Call me”. I’d like to to think that the advent of texting and doing things online made me into this telephobic person, but it’s just not true. The age of technology has fed right into my phobia and now I can do most things without waiting through those teaser phone rings. If I can book a pedicure, make a hair appointment or schedule a massage all through one service at the click of a mouse (or swipe of screen) I will. Enter BookingNest!


BookingNest is a Vancouver-based company that has made scheduling appointments as hassle-free and efficient as can be. Booking Nest is a 24 hour online scheduling system for beauty and wellness professionals and their clients so if I suddenly remember that I need to get my hair done before an event, BookingNest allows for those last minute situations!

I have been dying for a massage so I decided to see who was available in Vancouver within my price range. Currently, BookingNest is only available for finding professionals in Vancouver, but they will be expanding shortly! The first thing you need to is setup an account with BookingNest so that you can either be notified by email or text of your upcoming appointment. You can see there are even language preferences if English is not your strong suit.



Once I find who I would like to book with, I can click on them and see everything from hours of operation, location, their schedule and what massage treatments are offered. All of the areas in blue are free spots that are clickable for you to book and once you decide on a time, the professional will be notified right away. To see the appointments you have made, you simply go to your account and have a look. You can see that it is just as easy to cancel an appointment.


And there you have it! Book as many appointments as you need from head to toe all within one virtual environment. Remember to give a review as well! I know I rely on reviews quite heavily when choosing the right professional to go to.

BookingNest let’s you have all of your beauty and wellness needs accessible in one place to make the relationship between professionals and clients that much more efficient. The site is extremely user-friendly and very intuitive to use so all ages should find the site easy to navigate.

Would you enjoy a service like BookingNest?

This is not a sponsored post and is my honest review of the BookingNest service.

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