Favourites | January 2014

That’s right you heard me. JANUARY favourites because I refuse to skip months and ruin the order of things AND it’s the first set of favourites for 2014! How can I possibly skip that?


1. Marcelle | DD Cream

I received this to try at a Vancouver blogger meetup as well as from Annabelle Cosmetics and haven’t looked back. I still love the original Marcelle BB Cream as I find the coverage a little tiny bit heavier, but what the DD Cream has that the BB doesn’t is SPF 25. When I know I’m going to be outside this is what I have been using. I have been applying this with the Beauty Blender and have been very happy with the finish it has given my skin while protecting it from UV rays.

2. OPI | Nail Lacquer in Love. Angel. Music. Baby

A satin finish polish, this is from the Gwen Stefani collection that got released this past January and is so beautiful. I don’t normally get incredibly attached to polishes for nail art, but I have found that I want to use this polish over and over again. I want to be its friend and the matte satin finish is just stunning. It’s subtle and gives any manicure a hint of something different. 

3. Sally Hansen | Nail Lacquer in Teal Tulle

Ever since creating my satin teal gradient for #busygirlnails, I have been SO IN LOVE with this colour, this finish and hell, this entire Satin Glams line! Quick drying time, beautiful opacity, this polish is a must-have!

4. Laura Mercier | Tinted Moisturizer  SPF 20

I received this in a VIB 500 point perk and gave it a whirl on a day off since I wasn’t sure of how the colour would look on me, but the colour “Nude” turned out to be just right! My husband even commented that my skin looked “even” which is really all I want in a tinted moisturizer!

5. Lise Watier | Feline Eyeliner HD

Yes, this eyeliner is FIERCE! This a felt tip liner that stays put all day and is super easy to use. I’ll have to do a review on it soon, but the tip is quite long so I find that all I really need to do to apply eyeliner is hold it horizontally against my eye and just press down as opposed to physically drawing a line.














6. skoah | Neck Serum

Why do we need a neck serum? Well, I don’t want the dreaded saggy chicken neck when I’m older! I wouldn’t say having a serum for your neck is absolutely necessary, but I’ve tried almost everything at skoah that when this product was released last year, I just had to try it for the sake of getting the complete skoah product experience. This serum can be used from the neck down to the décolletage area and is oil-free and non-greasy.

7. Vichy | Idealia Life Serum

The little sample I received from one of the many beauty box subs made my skin so happy over the holidays that when London Drugs had all Vichy products at 25% off, I took the opportunity to snag a full size of this wonder! This serum is supposed to give your skin an even and illuminated complexion and my favourite give “rested facial features”! I don’t know about the latter, but my skin definitely looked even, less congested and blotchy and less stressed. I will have to dig into the ingredients to see why this is so, but it worked almost immediately for me!

8. Caudalie | Beauty Elixir

I know that everyone has talked about this product, possibly to its death, but I forced myself to incorporate it into my makeup routine and yes, it is a great setting spray. I like the invigorating scent (even though I feel like I could re-create it with essential oils…) the pretty glass bottle and the slightly dewy finish it leaves on my skin. I feel like this product is pure pampering though, so it has become a bit of a comfort smell for me first thing in the morning. I smell it and know that I can get through the day.

9. Benefit Cosmetics | Total Moisture

My skin has been ridiculously dry all Winter and for whatever reason, I decided to finally try this moisturizer and it is SO HYDRATING. I would only suggest this for those with very dry to mature skin because wow. It does have a light fragrance to it that even my husband enjoys so it MUST be good, right?

January was very skincare focused for me, but luckily for February favourites, I have more makeup to share!

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