Topbox | February 2014 “Regular Edition”

The February Topbox was a little lackluster for me as there was really only one product that I had not tried or heard of, but I can’t blame Topbox. If I wasn’t such a beauty product freak, this would have been a perfectly lovely Topbox!


Essie | Nail Lacquer in Head MistressDSC_0518

Thoughts: I appreciate getting a nail polish as my blood is practically lacquer at this point, but this colour doesn’t really interest as me as it’s too “normal”. It’s a safe colour choice though and probably one that would be appreciated by most people.

Full size: 13.5mL/$9.99

I received: *FULL SIZE*

So Susan | Lip and Cheek SublimeDSC_0520

Thoughts: This is the item I was most excited about mainly because it is a brand that I have never heard of! This is a London-based brand created by Susan Chyi. The packaging for all of their other product is very cute and floral and makes me want to buy everything. Always a good sign, right?

Full size: 2.5g/$18.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Elizabeth Arden | Eight Hour Cream Skin ProtectantDSC_0517

Thoughts: I actually couldn’t tell what the purpose of this product was initially. The Topbox card says something about how it adds shine to eyelids, cheeks and lips or shapes eyebrows for the perfect arch. Huh? From reviews and descriptions, it seems like this is a moisturizer of some sort and seems to be a cure all for all your beauty maladies including dry skin, chapped lips, ingrowns, you name it!

Full size: 50mL/$25.00

I received: 30mL/$15.00

Epic Blend | Lip Balm in Green AppleDSC_0519

Thoughts: I reviewed this line of lip balms late last year to resounding praise. This flavour is one of my favourites and is very hydrating, but not sticky or oily. This lip balm is HIGHLY recommended for its amazing ingredients and tasty flavours!

Full size: 4.2g/$3.49

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Total Value of February Topbox: $46.48

Not the most exciting Topbox, but there were some pretty solid brands and products in here and now that I think about it, the skin protectant seems pretty interesting too. Ok, fine this box isn’t that bad and I am actually fairly pleased. I think my standards are just skewed after more than two years of beauty boxes!

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