5 Heavy Duty Hydration Hand Creams That Have Kept My Hands Happy!

This past winter has been a particularly drying season for many of us and has left me reaching for some heavy duty hand hydration to alleviate the discomfort of dry, rough hands. My cuticles have also been in rougher shape than I am used to and I have had to pay extra attention to my hands to keep them soft and smooth. Here are five of my secrets! 



The Body Shop | Hemp Hand Protector ($20.00 CDN)

This hand cream is one of the top-rated hand creams at The Body Shop and there is a good reason. This moisturizer is so thick and full of hemp seed oil that your skin won’t know what hit it! Hemp seed oil is chock full of essential fatty acids which act to repair the moisture barrier on dry skin. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Hemp line, there is a strong scent, but it’s very herbal. Quite pleasant really. I apply this just before bed time as it takes a very long time to absorb and is quite greasy, but when I wake up, my hands feel wonderful!


Cake Beauty | Heavy Cream Intensive Hand Repair Balm ($22.00 CDN)

This hand cream is made with 20% shea butter and smells like French Vanilla. How much better can it get? This hand cream is so thick that I have to squeeze quite hard to get it out of the tube, but a little goes a very long way! I also use this hand cream before bed, but it isn’t quite as greasy as the Hemp Hand Protector and absorbs fairly quickly into the skin. The results are noticeable right away and what you’re left with are a pair of delectably-scented, hydrated happy hands.


Smith Farms | Vitamin Rich Hand Cream ($19.99 CDN)

This hand cream is made by a lovely Canadian company from Quebec that strives to make sure that all ingredients are natural and organic. This hand cream is made with 74% organic ingredients and uses sunflower and castor oil to moisturize and provide a non-greasy barrier for your skin. Aloe vera, chamomile flower water and vitamin E serve to soften and heal the most irritated of skin including: rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. This hand cream has a slight peppermint and lavender scent and absorbs lightening-fast and is something I use during the day when I need the moisture without the wait time.


L’Occitane | Shea Butter Hand Cream ($12.00 CDN)

This is the hand cream I have been using the longest as I love the classic shea butter scent. Similarly to the Cake hand cream, this has 20% shea butter and is very hydrating. My favourite things about this particular hand cream are the scent and that it absorbs fairly quickly without leaving too greasy of a finish. I use this hand cream on my feet since my heels also get pretty dry.


AHAVA | Mineral Hand Cream ($22.00 CDN)

This hand cream is all about the scent for me. For those of you who received this in the first Glossybox, didn’t you just love it?? I fell in love right away and started using it so sparingly because it smelled so damn good and I didn’t know where to find it. At least now Well.ca has it and I don’t have to hoard it anymore whenever I see it at Winners! Features of this hand cream include witch hazel to soothe skin and acts to moisturize dry skin very quickly. This hand cream is a must-have because it just smells so luxurious!

Hope you enjoyed my hand cream round-up! Let me know what your favourite hand creams are!

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