St.Paddy’s Day Swatch It Up | Rainbow Honey-Trifolium

It’s still St.Patrick’s Day for three more hours on the West Coast so I’m still allowed to post my St.Paddy’s Day mani! I placed an order for Rainbow Honey’s Trifolium ($10 USD) in the hopes of wearing this polish for the occasion and my package made it just in time. Trifolium actually looks much darker in person, but outside it looked almost bright green.



This polish has tiny flakies in it and dries matte. I am wearing two coats of Trifolium on all swatches, followed by Rainbow Honey’s Candy Mountain Scented Top Coat ($8 USD) which smells like caramel once dried. It also leaves your mani with a super shiny finish!


Rainbow Honey polishes can be purchased at Rainbow Honey and Nail Polish Canada.

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