Beauty Box 5 | Review and Critique

Beauty Box 5 is a subscription-based sample service that I have been subscribed to since of August 2012. BB5 is based in Austin, Texas and has been one of the more consistent subscription services in terms of pricing and content. The subscription prices are exactly the same as when I first blogged about my first box which is saying something since every other subscription I’ve had has gone up in price by a few dollars. In fact, if you see below, the yearly subscription price has actually DECREASED by $1!



In this PR box, the product card did not actually have any product info other than how the BB5 subscription service worked unlike in the real boxes that always have very complete product info. This lack of info has made it harder to calculate the cost of the box, but I will use my wily internet skills!

Montagne Jeunesse | Glacial Clay Spa in Crushed Arctic Cloudberries DSC_0614

Thoughts: I love sheet masks and just masks in general, now THIS is a sheet clay mask! All of my favourite things combined!

Full size: 1 mask/$2.49

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Aveeno | Calming Body WashDSC_0615

Thoughts: I quite like the scent of lavender and although I’ve used Aveeno moisturizer, I have yet to use a body wash!

Full size: 16oz/$6.99

I received: 2oz/$0.87

Bella Pierre | Ruby GlitterDSC_0616

Thoughts: This is an acrylic glitter which can be used on the eyes or even in nail polish! Hehe, I don’t think I’ll be using this on my eyes anytime soon, so maybe on the lips or in nail polish is where you guys might be seeing this again.

Full size: 3.75g/$14.99

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Nubar | Green Apple Cuticle OilDSC_0617

Thoughts: It smells just like green apple (mmmm!) and is a cuticle oil I really love as I have the Grapefruit scent and quite enjoy it. The only difference between the full size and the mini is that the full size version has a dropper while the mini has a brush.

Full size: 15mL/$10.00

I received: 7mL/$4.67

Be a Bombshell | Lip Gloss in All Dolled UpDSC_0618

Thoughts: This is a brand we are all now familiar with thanks to the beauty box world and it’s a good one! I love their blush and the lip gloss is pretty pigmented and minty.

Full size: 3g/$$14.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Total Value of Beauty Box 5: $37.02

For a box that is $12/month, this is pretty awesome and is why I have kept it for so long. I signed up for the year which means that each box is only $8.25 with FREE SHIPPING to Canada. That’s pretty awesome right?! I am seeing very similar products in other more expensive boxes and yet BB5 has kept their prices the same AND opened up their very own store online. It’s not huge, but there is a good selection of full sized items of the samples we get. All in all, BB5 has remained one of my favourite subs because I always feel like I’m getting what I pay for and then some. It hasn’t disappointed me like some of the others and the customer service is top notch.

If BB5 is your kinda box, sign up in time for the April one now!

PR samples sent for review.

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