Swatch It Up | Emily de Molly–Bo Peep

Coming all the way from Australia is my very first Emily de Molly polish in Bo Peep! I am wearing this polish in the hopes that Spring will come soon! I have been coveting Emily De Molly polishes since their arrival on Etsy, but alas there was no shipping available to Canada until…Nail Polish Canada started carrying them!



Bo Peep is a bright jelly green polish with bright red hex glitter, yellow circle glitter (my FAVOURITE!) and a mixture of smaller matte hex glitters in purple, yellow and red. I am wearing two coats of Bo Peep both of which applied beautifully with NO GLITTER FISHING!


This is such a gorgeous polish with a wonderful formula and glitter combination that I found truly unique!

Emily de Molly polishes can be found at Nail Polish Canada.

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