Maybelline | Color Elixirs with Swatches!

Maybelline has had quite a number of collections that have completely convinced me to get every colour, every scent (helloooo Baby Lips?!) and in every finish (Color Show polishes!) and although I resisted the Color Elixirs ($10.99 CDN) when they first came out, I tried just two when Shoppers Drug Mart was offering bonus points and now I cannot stop using/thinking about these lip gloss gems!


The colours I have to review and swatch today are (from top to bottom): Dashing Orchid, Nude Illusion, Blush Essence and Signature Scarlet.



The applicator is a short, very flexible doe-foot applicator. One of mine came out near horizontal and I had to flex it back!


Nude Illusion: Super smooth formula that glides right on to the lips. The colour is almost the same colour as my natural lips and is a warm, caramel colour that makes my lips look slightly better than their natural state. This is the colour I wear the most especially if my eyes are particularly dramatic.


Dashing Orchid: Purple tends to look good with my skin tone (or at least I think it does) and I am glad I picked this up because the colour is quite pigmented and has the same smooth formula as Nude Illusion.


Signature Scarlet: This is a GORGEOUS show-stopping red! This is your classic cherry red lip colour and although it is VERY bright, you will feel like the sexiest woman alive wearing it so own it!


Blush Essence: This is my other safe colour choice when I’m wearing a dramatic eye or going out to run errands. The hint of pink makes me look a little more perky and less corpse-like as I tend to be on my days off.

Packaging: I adore the fact that they look like solid lipsticks when unopened. So cute!

Results/Discussion: All four colours had that same smooth, glossy formula that left your lips looking “wet” and full. The opacity on the darker colours was much better than the neutrals, but I really didn’t mind. The longevity of these lip glosses is not great especially if you are currently in a very drying environment, like my AC’d work environment so 3 or 4 hours is what I can manage to get out of these.

Conclusion: I love these Color Elixirs and can even see myself getting a few more…I just love how cushiony and smooth they feel on the lips along with the colour payoff! I now consider myself completely obsessed with these and God help me if Maybelline decides to expand the line even further!


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