Lush | Emotional Brilliance Lipstick in “Perspective” with Swatches

There are some days where I wake up and I feel good. Really good. I grab the brightest lipstick I own and paint my nails a colour that is begging to be looked at even though it doesn’t really go with my outfit. This is the basis behind Lush’s Emotional Brilliance line. The makeup colours we choose are a translation of our current state of mind and even what we might be searching for – at least that day!


The Emotional Brilliance line consists of cream eyeshadows, lipsticks and eyeliners in an array of colours. I went for a colour reading last week and these were the colours/”states of mind” that I appeared to be experiencing that day. The first colour I chose was “Believe” which symbolized my strength, the second colour I selected was “Power” which symbolized my subconscious need and the third colour I chose was “Drive” which is what I require to achieve my need. Pretty intense stuff. It was actually fairly accurate. Although the “Power” option always make me feel like I want to be some sort of dictator.


I actually did end up purchasing “Believe”, but for today I will be reviewing another lip colour called “Perspective” ($18.95 CDN) which is a slightly shimmery dusty rose. Wonderful for those days when you either want to blend in or wear a bright eye look. In typical Lush fashion, the bottles for the entire Emotional Brilliance line are glass with the black tops being recycled from those black tubs of product we bring back and there is no outer packaging as ingredients are listed all on a the little cardboard tag.



Perspective is a gorgeous colour on the lips and wears beautifully over time. It dries sort of matte over time minimizing the amount of colour lost from the lips. The formula feels like a soft cream (very similar to NYX’s lip creams) and is a blend of organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax. The pigmentation is wonderful and doesn’t disappear if you decide that you need to amp up the moisture levels and add a little lip balm to your lips. Feeling like you need a matching blush? Well, you can use Perspective as a cream blush! There are over 30 products in the Emotional Brilliance line, all vegan, all fun and all consuming. You will have to get every colour to match every emotion!


  PR sample sent for review, but all lips and opinions are my own.

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