Fruits & Passion | 24H Moisturizing Body Butter in Grapefruit Guava and Ocean Flower

I know I have certainly not been alone when it comes to insanely dry skin this season so what better way to stay hydrated than with the yummiest-smelling , thickly moisturizing 24H Moisturizing Body Butters from Canadian Company Fruits & Passion! These body butters come in a variety of mouth-watering scents and in two sizes – 100mL or 200mL. I promise that you won’t be able to walk out of the store with just ONE of these. It will be more like FIVE of these little wonder pots of moisture!


Ocean FlowerDSC_0498

“Ocean Flower” is one of the newest body butters in this line and is refreshing with just a hint of floral in it. I found the texture of this moisturizer to be VERY interesting as it was very dense and hydrating but absorbed fairly quickly into the skin. 



I MADE AN “OCEAN FLOWER” SNOWBALL! This body butter is so dense that I could roll it into a ball and have it hold its shape!

Grapefruit GuavaDSC_0503

Mmmmm, this smells so good! The scent is not overpowering at all and leaves your skin very lightly, but sweetly fragranced. No making snowballs with this body butter as the consistency was softer and more whipped in texture.


Price: 100mL/$12.50 or 200mL/$18.50

Results/Discussion: Both body butters stayed true to their promise of being non-greasy. You DO have to wait a minute or two before putting clothes on comfortably, but I used that time to blow dry my hair so it worked out. 24 hour moisturization is super tough to test because most of us tend to shower once within that time frame, but I can safely say that I had at least 12 hours of soft skin. As for a difference in my skin between the “softening effect” vs. the “toning effect”, I couldn’t quite tell. Once skin is moisturized, it tends to feel both soft and toned. The other thing to note about this body butter is that it is mineral-oil, silicone and paraben-free.

Final Verdict: These body butters are pretty damn awesome. I love the 100mL size although I’d probably get the 200mL for a scent I really loved. I already have my eye on Apple Illusion! The price is pretty reasonable too and there are always promos going on both in-store and online. These body butters are easy to love and I cannot imagine anyone not enjoying them-like puppies. Who doesn’t love puppies?


PR samples sent for review, but like I said, who couldn’t love these?!

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