Empties | February 2014

A post that’s on time for once! Here is what I managed to clear out for last month! I definitely need to get cracking on my samples again, but I’m still feeling good that I’ll end the year on a good empties note!


1. Cake | Milk Made Smoothing White Sugar Body Scrub (625g)Thumbs up

This is very similar to the brown sugar body scrub in that the granules are quite large and quite rough so I do not use this on my arms or upper body. I only use this scrub on my feet and legs because it hurts to use anywhere else! It does do a very good job of exfoliating though so if you’re looking for a scrub to really eat through dead skin, this is your product. Like all Cake products, it also smells good enough to eat although after 625g of this stuff, I need to move on to a different scent for a bit!

2. Aveeno | Daily Moisturizing Lotion (71mL)Thinking smile

For something that is supposedly “fragrance-free”, this HAS FRAGRANCE. It’s not strong, but I did eventually tire of it and even had to take a break from using for a bit. I rated this moisturizer a “maybe” simply because it helped me through an outbreak of pityriasis rosea a few years back and because well, it IS pretty moisturizing without feeling greasy and heavy.

3 & 4. EVOLVh | UltraShine Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner (59mL)Thumbs up

I received these samples from the now departed “take my money why don’t you” Glymm and was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved both of these products! My hair was soft and silky almost immediately after I started using it and will have to get the full size of both of these products once I am done with my stash of shampoos (in 50 years)!

5. Spa Utopia | Rosemary Mint Nourishing Body Lotion(30mL)Thumbs up

This is my final bottle of this in the travel size and I will DEFINITELY have to repurchase once I get near Spa Utopia again! This is available to purchase online, but I may as well make a spa day out of it and get a massage too!

6. Benefit Cosmetics | It’s Potent! Eye Cream (3.0g)Thumbs down

This eye cream just wasn’t really for me. I like my eye cream very thick and this was just a little too light for me.

7. La Roche Posay | Physiological Ultra Fine Scrub (5mL)Thumbs up

Did not think I would be very impressed with this little sample, but this scrub has little tiny exfoliating beads that are very gentle on the skin. This is also smells very refreshing.

8. Benefit Cosmetics | Total Moisture Facial Cream (8.9g)Thumbs up

This was one of my January Favourites and is one of my last sample sizes. I won’t say too much more, but if you have really dry skin, this is fantastic moisturizer.

9. OPI | Avoplex Liquid Soap (30mL)Thumbs down

I didn’t think this was all that impressive. It just felt like regular hand soap. OPI does a lot of wonderful things, but this soap just was not doing it for me at all!

10. Lancome | Visionnaire (7mL)Thumbs down

I truly did not see a difference in my skin. This had a really runny formula and was one that I didn’t enjoy.

11. Bond No.9 | I Love New York Fragrance (1.5mL)Thinking smile

The scent was amazing when I first put it on my skin, but it became more musky as the day wore on which I didn’t quite like. My husband seemed to enjoy it, but I think it might because men’s colognes are quite musky so the scent was probably quite familiar to him!

12. Aveda | Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner (7mL)Thumbs up

This scrub had larger granules, but when used once or twice a week left my skin feeling and looking radiant!

13. Skiin | Soothing & Smoothing Eye Cream (3mL)Thumbs down

For whatever reason, the area around my eyes would burn for a few seconds every time I used this so I just had to use the rest as a body moisturizer. I guess the skin around my eyes is much more sensitive…so this is a no for me…

14. No.7 | Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes (30 wipes) Thumbs up

I received these in my UK swap with Sian and I really enjoyed them! My face felt so clean and refreshed after using them and they were a good size for cleaning an entire face full of makeup. The only thing is that the wipes have parabens in them…so that might be a deal breaker for some of you.

15. Ohne | Naturally Gentle Body Soap (3.25oz) Thumbs up

I actually got this soap from a hotel I was staying at because I’d already used it and loved the scent! It smells like ginger and lemongrass and was fairly moisturizing.

16. Villainess | Scintillating Soap (3.5oz)Thumbs up

I picked this up in the old Glymm store what feels like eons ago and I’m glad I did because I would have missed out on a great company! This soap was so refreshing as it smells like spearmint, peppermint, black tea and vanilla! How awesome is that combo?!

17. Clinique | Universal Face Primer (1.5mL)Thumbs down

I almost thought I was applying moisturizer because the texture was so *wet*. It never seemed to dry and my face was always tacky by the time I got to my foundation. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling so I’d rather stick to Porefessional or for now Maybelline’s Baby Skin!

18. Global Goddess Beauty | Coconut Amla Revitalizing Hair Treatment (5mL)Thumbs up

You will need a REALLY good shampoo to get this out of your hair, but the effects are quite noticeable afterwards. My hair was so soft and smooth for days! I feel like I could probably just slather it in coconut oil and achieve similar effects though, but nonetheless I did enjoy the two treatments I managed to get out of this little package!

How did you do with your empties last month?

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