Guest Post | Jenn from Scarlet Beauty Reviews the Quo Bent Eyeliner Bush!

Let’s say hello to Jenn from Scarlet Beauty who will be sharing with all of you today her favourite eyeliner brush! I have only just gotten to know Jenn through the Canadian Beauty Bloggers, but her makeup photos are truly pieces of art! Have you seen her Instagram? Her product placement makes me want to buy everything she shows! Now, let’s take it away Jenn!

Let’s rewind to many years ago when I was first getting into makeup, shall we? It didn't take me too long to discover how much of a difference getting quality brushes made. Face it – the brushes and applicators that usually come with your makeup aren't the greatest.

Enter Quo brushes. I soon became hooked on the brand, and gained a fair collection of brushes that I still keep in regular rotation.


This bent eyeliner brush has been a favourite for a few years now. I absolutely love this for applying gel liners, such as my MAC Fluidlines. The stiffness of this brush gives you the control you need, and the fine point lets you create precise lines.



I have a few of these that I bought 3+ years ago and they’re still going strong. No splayed bristles or shedding!

You can purchase Quo brushes at Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale. Keep an eye out for sales, they’re often advertised for 40% off!

Have you tried Quo brushes? What do you use to apply gel liner?

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