Beauty Box 5 | January 2014

This is the first of the last three of my Beauty Box 5 boxes. I was subscribed to BB5 for almost 2 years and even though they are one of my favourite boxes both for product selection and price, I have decided not to renew my subscription for now. I have a lot of product to go through and although I’m sure I will miss whatever shows up in these boxes, I REALLY need to get through what I have!

I have no product card in this box for some reason and I really don’t feel like hunting each of these products down so I will just show pictures and share my excitement or lack thereof for each product!


SwissCo | Bath and Shower Exfoliating Gloves


I have never actually tried bath gloves before because I find it strange to put “clothing” on in the shower, but I have friends who swear by bath gloves as you have more control over what parts of your body get exfoliated!

Jergens | Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer


The only Jergens product I have tried is the self-tanner which isn’t really a moisturizer so receiving a little sample of this ain’t so bad.

H20+ | Sea Lotus Body Wash


Smells good and is a fun colour. I’m sure it works like any other body wash though…

Epic Blend | Hemp Lip Balm in Coconut


Love Epic Blend! I have so many of their lip balms now though that I will be gifting this to someone else so that they can fall in love like I did!

Nubar | Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil


I have the full size version of the grapefruit scent and really enjoy it, but for some reason this sample size has a a completely solidified brush…it smells good, but the brush is like a stick!

Well, I know this box is worth at least $3.49 because that’s how much the Epic Blend lip balm is! All in all, a good little box for $8 with fun little minis. The moisturizer was probably the least exciting item for me, but everything else was not bad.

What would you have thought if you had received this box?

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