Empties | March 2014

I was in the zone this month and really focused on a some samples that I had as well some full-sized items that I have been working on for awhile. What I love about the beginning of every month is the chance to see what I have “accomplished” in terms of empties and of course choosing some new items to work on!


1. L’Occitane | Shaping Delight (8mL)Thumbs down

Obviously, I won’t be able to feel the effects of “shaping” with an 8mL sample, but it has a similar consistency to the Amande Milk Concentrate. I’ll pass on this product for now as its purpose does not appeal to me.

2. Too Cool for School | Pumpkin Sleeping Pack (5mL)Thumbs up

Sleeping masks cannot be sticky for me and this one was pleasantly wearable. I woke up with very hydrated skin so I would totally recommend this for anyone with dry skin or if you are looking for a mega blast of moisture without your face sticking to the pillow while you sleep.

3. Better Botanicals | Apricot Eye Therapy (1.5mL)Thumbs down

This will be a no for me as I felt a slight burning every time I used it. It went away within a few seconds, but since I have the luxury of choosing what goes on my undereyes, I will have to pass on this even though I loved this company’s shampoo and conditioner.

4. Benefit Cosmetics | Fake Up (2mL)Thumbs up

I have the full size of this and I like it because it covers up my dark circles while hydrating my undereyes at the same time.

5. L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil (3.5mL)Thinking smile

I received this through my last swap with Sian from the UK as nice as it was, I didn’t feel like it was any different than a lot of the hair oils out there. It was not as heavy as Moroccanoil, and did smooth any flyaways, but I prefer what I have already.

6. MaskerAide | All Nighter Mask (1 sheet)Thumbs up

Love! MaskerAide masks are always in my empties so it’s obvious I would repurchase. I haven’t bought any for awhile because I bulked up like crazy last year!

7. 8. & 9. L’Occitane | Amande Milk Concentrate (6mL)Thumbs up

I have purchased the full size of this before mainly because I love the almond scent. It does leave a bit of sticky finish on your skin which bothered me after awhile so I don’t think I will go back to this just yet, but I definitely enjoy this product in bursts.

10. L’Occitane | Milk Concentrate (8mL)Thumbs up

This is the same product as above, but I guess was an older sample since there is an extra 2mL of product in this one!

11. L’Occitane | Angelica Exfoliating Gel  (5mL)Thumbs up

Very refreshing scent and I liked the way the beads felt on my skin. It was gentle enough to use at least every other day and I definitely think I’d buy it for reals!


12. Onyx Professional | 100% Pure Acetone (473mL)Thumbs up

This is pure acetone. It works, it’s easy for me to find and it’s inexpensive so I’ll definitely be picking it up again!

13. Lancome | High Resolution Refill 3x (15g)Thinking smile

I have received SO MANY of these in GWPs that I’m starting to think this moisturizer isn’t worth buying at full price as I know I can get it as a bonus gift, but I actually do like it. It’s fairly thick and hydrating while also having an SPF of 15.

14. Bioderma | Micelle Solution (250mL)Thumbs up

This is a wonderful product. It is so gentle and you honestly feel like you’re just wiping water all over your face and YET it’s cleaning your waterproof eye makeup! I already have a a new bottle waiting for me and I will keep purchasing this even though it’s on the pricier side. It’s just amazing!

15. Fortune Cookie Soap | Whipped Cream Body Lotion (15g)Thumbs up

Very thick and hydrating and smelled like marshmallows! I loved it, but I wish the shipping from FCS wasn’t so expensive :(

16. Benefit Cosmetics | Total Moisture Facial Cream (8.9g)Thumbs up

I have listed this as a favourite before and it has been wonderful for my dry skin. It might be too much for me in the summer, but right now and for the last couple of months I have really enjoyed using it.

17. Vichy | Neovadiol Magistral (3mL)Thumbs up

This is for very dry, mature skin and is so thick that the 3mL lasted me almost 5 days! It’s very greasy so a little goes a long way!

18. Tarte Cosmetics | Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara (7mL)Thinking smile

I liked this mascara, but I didn’t love it. My lashes are so light and thin that I need a formula that bulks them up a bit and I didn’t find that this did very much for them. If you have lashes already, you’ll probably really enjoy this, but I will just leave it as a maybe for now.

19. Bella Pelle | Chiara Polish Sugar Powered Scrub (32mL)Thumbs up

I just received this from a Petit Vour box and I loved the smell. It is hard to describe, but it smells creamy and yet…fizzy? Great body exfoliator, although it can be used on the face I found the granules a little bit harsh to use.

20. The Body Shop | Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub (98g)Thumbs up

I love this stuff for it’s jelly-like texture and ultra refreshing scent, but alas I cannot find it in stores or online anymore! Noooo!

21. OPI | Avoplex Revitalizing Hand and Body Scrub (50mL)Thumbs up

Did not think I would like this, but it smelled quite good and actually left my skin feeling hydrated after use! I barely had to moisturize as the scrub just melted right into my skin!

Whew! And we’re done! Until next time!

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