*Earth Friendly* Kiss My Face | Shimmer in Ruby

When it comes to my lips, I really try to make sure that what goes on them is good for me because whatever is on my lips is going to end up getting ingested and in my system. I’d rather not have something harmful on my lips IF I can help it. With Kiss My Face Shimmers($4.95), not only are my lips exposed to only earth-friendly ingredients, but also a healthy dose of vitamins A and E that serve to repair and protect my smoochers!



Ingredients: Sunflower Oil*, Beeswax*, Castor Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Shea Butter*, French Vanilla Flavour Oil*, Chocolate Flavour Oil*, Peppermint Oil*, Candelilla Wax, Tocopherol (non GMO), Aloe Vera*, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides *organic


You can see that because this is a lip tint, the colour is quite neutral, but hydrating. It smells like vanilla and peppermint and leaves a slight minty tingle on the lips.

Final Verdict: I am a sucker for anything peppermint that leaves my lips feeling minty fresh and although I wish this had a bit more colour to it, I am happy with how happy my lips felt and the moisturized, but not greasy finish this lip tint left. It wasn’t quite as shimmery as I was expecting which worked out for me because I hate it when all that’s left on my lips is a crusty shimmer from whatever lip product I was wearing. Overall, this is a great little lip balm to have around for just a slight hint of colour and minty tingle. The price is also not insanely unreasonable for an organic and eco-friendly product which can sometimes be a huge deterrent in “going eco”.


PR sample sent for eco review.

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