Dove Advanced Hair Care Series| Pure Care Dry Oil

Forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but this season along with dry skin comes dry hair. My hair is a bit funny thanks to my somewhat mixed Asian heritage. Most Orientals have thick, straight hair and lots of it. I have thick, wavy hair, but not very much of it which often leads to a crazy amount of flyaways and frizziness when lacking in moisture. I feel like I have been living with bobby pins and hairspray in my hair for the last couple of months just because my flyaways are forming a “fuzz halo” around my head! Thank goodness for the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Line which has managed to tame my frizziness and dryness while making my hair smell incredibly luxurious.

Formulated with precious African Macadamia Oil, Dove Pure Care Dry Oil offers nourishment in every drop. The line contains pressed oil droplets that are carefully extracted from precious natural ingredients, and contains no parabens – just the finest pure oil.


Both the Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo & Conditioner ($6.97) are infused with African Macadamia Oil and are silicone-free. They both have a sweet, almost musky scent that might be a bit strong for some. I quite enjoy the scent, but someone like my husband was not used to it.


The Pure Care Dry Oil ($11.99) is probably my favourite as it is a wonderful finishing oil on damp hair, a protectant prior to styling and I’ve been sneakily using it as a body oil whenever I have some extra on my hands. What I love is that this oil is non-greasy and makes my hair feel smooth and look shiny without weighing it down. It also SMELLS spectacular as there are top notes of lavender and bergamot as well as macadamia, coconut and sweet almond oil.

Final Verdict: I love this hair series enough that I am going to keep using it until my hair tells me it’s time for a change because I definitely have noticed a change in the overall texture and feel of my hair in the last 3 weeks that I have been using all three products. The only picture of my hair that I have for you is from my scarf post where the waves you see in my hair are natural and defined instead of frizzy. Pictures of my hair from before last month have taken A LOT of work to create in terms of taming my hair with product, so being able to get away with just a squirts of the Dry Oil for some extra shine which has made morning routines much quicker. If any of you are suffering from the same hair woes as myself, please give the Pure Care Dry Oil line a try. Your hair will thank you!

PR samples sent for review. Hair and opinions are my own!

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