Lush | Easter 2014 Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar Review

You all have seen that I am huge supporter of reusable products and this Easter, Lush has come out with a reusable bubble bar with the Bunch of Carrots ($12.95)! At first it seems like $12.95 is a lot to spend on bubbles, but when you realize that you can get at least 7 baths out of this trio (there really are three carrots, but I have used up two!), it seems well worth the money.




Hold Bunch of Carrots by the reusable paper stalk and run under tap to get your bubbles!


Orange bubbles! This bubble bar has a featured ingredient of bucha oil giving Bunch of Carrots a blackcurrent fragrance which I could not figure out at first because this isn’t a fragrance that is featured frequently! There is also bergamot and lemon oil to spice up the citrus aspect in your tub, although I couldn’t really pick up on either too much.

Final Verdict: Even though the bubbles are orange, don’t worry your tub won’t be! The scent of Bunch of Carrots, while good, is not one of my favourites considering I have been olfactory-blessed with the scents of Snow Fairy and Honey, I Washed the Kids! What I do love about this is the idea of a trio of bubble bars that don’t have to be used in one go. If you have enough bubbles, just let the bubble bar dry and save it for next time! Awesome, right?

Have a great Easter long weekend!


PR sample provided for review

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