Jamberry | Nail Wraps Review and First Impressions

Ladies and gentlemen, I have found THE solution to my nail wrap issues – Jamberry Nails Wraps ($17.00 CDN). You have all seen my struggles with nail wraps over the last year, first with NCLA, then with Incoco which were the best ones so far and finally last Christmas with Kiss Nail Dress Strips. Now there is Jamberry and I will admit that I was pretty jaded about trying them, but then the lovely Katharine, a Canadian Jamberry Consultant, offered to let me have a go at them and insisted they would work for me. Well, they did and I was shaking I was so impressed!

What makes Jamberry nail wraps DIFFERENT? HEAT. You need a hair dryer or some form of hot air blowing on the nail wraps to soften them for about 5 seconds. At first, this sounded like WAY more work than was necessary, but it’s the heat that gives that creaseless finish. See a crease? Heat it up and smooth away. Heat and pressure are key to giving yourself the perfect “Jammicure”.



I received a sheet of Jamberry nail wraps, some nail scissors, a nail file, orange stick and nail prep pad (alcohol wipe).


Check it out! Only the CUTEST business cards in the world as each has a one nail wrap attached! That’s enough for an accent nail on each hand since each nail wrap is meant to be cut in half.


(OMG, my pinkie is crooked. It’s actually a genetic trait! Do your pinkies form a V?)


The other thing is to not file off the excess, but to trim off most of the excess nail wrap with scissors (flip your hand over so you can SEE where your actual nail is so you don’t trim it by accident!) and then gently file and heat for a few seconds to seal the edge.


You can see that I still had the tiny bit of puckering on my pointer finger because it actually curves downward which makes it that much harder to work with and was the most challenging nail to apply the wrap to.

Final Verdict: I have already ordered 4 more sets of nail wraps as they are buy 3 get the 4th free and come with 18 nail wraps. This is enough for 2-3 applications which you can probably stretch out even more if you use them only as accent nails. They last up to 2 weeks on the hands and as long as 4 weeks on the toes, although I never tried them as toe wraps. I love the fact that you can keep reheating the wraps to make them pliable to smooth out any creases. You do have to apply very firm pressure, but I found this technique to be very effective. The final finish is quite shiny and I made it to about 4 days before I merely peeled these wraps off with zero damage to my actual nails. I love these Jamberry nail wraps and I will be showcasing more manicures with them once my order arrives!

Samples provided by Katharine for review purposes.

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