Sally Hansen | Cuticle and Nail REHAB

When you love nail polish and then decide to share your nails up-close and macro with the online world, you really learn to take care of them! God help me if my cuticles look ragged and inflamed. Living out on the West Coast means that for the most part, the air is fairly humid and I rarely have any issues with my cuticles…until this year. Something happened and my right hand especially was looking severely “hungnail-over” every day. Maybe I’ve been using more acetone than usual, but whatever it is thank goodness for the nail gurus at Sally Hansen and their two new emergency nail rescue treatments! 



Cuticle Rehab ($8.95) is a brush-on cuticle treatment that has a gel-like consistency that acts to hydrate and nourish stressed cuticles. Vitamin E works to condition the nails and jasmine and rose extracts calm down the inflammation. Bonus for me is that this treatment smells like cucumber and melons! My last month of macro nail shots have been with this treatment on my cuticles, so I’d say that it works quite well!


Nail Rehab ($8.95) is an intensive nail care treatment that hides most imperfections while giving a healthy pink shine. When I don’t have nail polish on, my nails are so vulnerable to breakage so I always have to have something on them. The Nail Rehab formula also has Vitamin E, jasmine and rose extracts and even argan oil to bring damaged nails back to life. My nails were looking quite dry and flaky before I started using this and I am going to keep using this until the bottle is done because they have never looked better. The thumb on my right hand is still suffering from peeling after one week, but my other nails are looking fantastic!

Final Verdict: I’ve been wearing Nail Rehab underneath my polish for a couple of weeks and I am positive that my nails will emerge healthier and stronger. I am an OPI Nail Envy fan, but for some reason the matte version that I have been using hasn’t been doing anything which is why I was eager to try Sally Hansen’s Nail Rehab. So far, so good! As for Cuticle Rehab, a pen applicator is always SO HELPFUL. The gel consistency absorbs fairly quickly and it smells so good that I just keep it by my computer (since that’s where I usually am once I’m home) and apply every couple of hours. I think this nail intervention worked!

Sally Hansen Nail and Cuticle Rehab is now available at mass and drug retailers across Canada.

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