SUBSCRIPTION BOX | NEW! Vancity Box "Our City in a Box" - Supporting Local Business in Vancouver

Yes, I love the "big brands" and I will admit that there are times when I believe that God placed me on this planet to be a consumer, but I ultimately have a very soft spot for buying local. Vancouver has some of the BEST locally-made goods especially when it comes to food! Living on the West Coast gives us a huge advantage when it comes to food selection which is why the inaugural Vancity Box* is the perfect start to wonderful and new subscription for BC residents as it is filled with local Vancouver food delights guaranteed to make your mouth water!

The Vancity Box deets:

  • $34.99/month, $31/sign up for 3 months and $27/sign up for 12 months
  • Full sizes of 6-8 products every month made by BC vendors
  • New theme every month
  • Additional $5 flat rate shipping fee
  • Only ships to BC residents

My Vancity Box was delivered by hand on Thanksgiving Sunday. I almost didn't answer my door because I wasn't expecting anyone! Once I knew who and what it was, I rushed to the door to find a shiny, hefty blue and white box.

The first thing I spotted was this bottle of what I assumed SHOULD be filled with alcohol! From Graveley & Sons, is the perfect DIY kit for anyone who appreciates a good drink. I do not drink thanks to my Asian genes and apparent lack of alcohol dehydrogenase, but this Rum infusion kit is still pretty awesome! All of the necessary spices are already in the bottle and in the scroll are the instructions for how long to infuse your rum. Cool, eh?

Value: $14.95 USD/kit

*CHOMP CHOMP* I'm sorry I was too busy eating the most delicious gourmet cotton candy from PetitPuf! This certified organic cotton candy just melts in your mouth. This particular flavour is French Vanilla and tastes just as fancy as it sounds. 

 $6.00/single jar

I have not had beef jerky in the longest time, but my memories of it are tough and chewy. Hailing from Chilliwack, BC, Billy Bob's Jerky, puts a fun twist on classic beef jerky with fun flavours like Garlic and Teriyaki, but still has the Original meaty jerky flavour we're all familiar with should those flavours be too out of the box!

Value: $9.99/bag

I adore macaroons, but I definitely have to have them in moderation. These vegan chocolate macaroons from Living Lotus, while not quite as sweet as the traditional macaroons, went well with my morning Asian milk tea.

Value: $4.99/3 pack

Inside the Vancity Box was a monthly calendar from Bored in Vancouver listing events happening all over Vancouver if you are well..bored in Vancouver!

Total value of October Vancity Box: $55.91 (I just added the USD as CDN for simplicity sake)

Final verdict: Like a lot of lifestyle boxes, this isn't your typical $10/month beauty box as buying local usually costs more. Actually, the beef jerky packs ALONE in this box took care of the entire value! If you don't like beef jerky, then you're out of luck, but I like beef jerky and never buy it because it's so expensive! What I love is that with every Vancity box, I know I'm supporting a local business and based on what I have received here, I know that I will definitely be ordering more PetitPuf cotton candy! This is a wonderful discovery box and though it is still in its infancy, I think it is such a great idea as there are so many small businesses here in BC that I still do not know about! And now that our dollar is so low, it's time to buy local! We have so much to offer!

Sign yourself or a friend up for Vancity Box to start discovering more local BC gems at!

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